Plusnet Broadband

Everything You Need to Know about Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet broadband packages range from speeds of 75 Mbps (ideal for basic usage), right up to 900Mbps, perfect for heavy-duty tasks like 4K streaming and gaming.

Latest Plusnet Deals

Plusnet 74 - With WIFI Connect
24-Month Contract - Plusnet 74

Plusnet 74
(Broadband Only)

74 Mbps ⬇️
£26.99 per month
(Increases 31 March)

Average download speed: 74 Mb/s

Upload Speed: 20 Mb/s

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Speeds & Guarantees:

🔽 74 Mb/s Download Speed

💪 40 Mb/s Minimum Guaranteed Speed

🔼 20 Mb/s Upload Speed

Upfront & Monthly Costs:

💵 Monthly Cost: £26.99

🚚 £0 Activation Fee, Was £20

📅 Costs after 24 Months: Subject to change

🛠️ Broadband only, no phone line required

🌟 Features & Optional Extras:

🔌 Hub Two Router Included

🛡️ Plusnet SafeGuard and Plusnet Protect Powered by Norton Included

📈 Monthly Usage: Unlimited

🕒 Other Details:

🌐 Reliable and Superfast Internet Connection

🖥️ Ideal for Streaming and Gaming

📡 State-of-the-Art Router for Strong Connectivity

Full Fibre 145 - With WIFI Connect
24-Month Contract - Full Fibre 145

Full Fibre 145
(Broadband Only)

145 Mbps ⬇️
£26.99 per month
(Increases 31 March)

Average download speed: 145 Mb/s

Upload Speed: 30 Mb/s

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Speeds & Guarantees:

🔽 145 Mb/s Download Speed

💪 80 Mb/s Minimum Guaranteed Speed

🔼 30 Mb/s Upload Speed

Upfront & Monthly Costs:

💵 Monthly Cost: £26.99

🚚 £0 Activation Fee, Was £20

📅 Costs after 24 Months: Subject to change

🛠️ Broadband only, no phone line required

🌟 Features & Optional Extras:

🔌 Hub Two Router Included

🛡️ Plusnet SafeGuard and Plusnet Protect Powered by Norton Included

📈 Monthly Usage: Unlimited

🎁 £50.00 Reward Card Included

🕒 Other Details:

🌐 High-Speed Internet for Streaming and Gaming

🖥️ Reliable Connection with Advanced Router Technology

Full Fibre 300 - With WIFI Connect
24-Month Contract - Full Fibre 300

Full Fibre 300
(Broadband Only)

300 Mbps ⬇️
£29.99 per month
(Increases 31 March)

Average download speed: 300 Mb/s

Upload Speed: 50 Mb/s

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Speeds & Guarantees:

🔽 300 Mb/s Download Speed

💪 165 Mb/s Minimum Guaranteed Speed

🔼 50 Mb/s Upload Speed

Upfront & Monthly Costs:

💵 Monthly Cost: £29.99

🚚 £0 Activation Fee, Was £20

📅 Costs after 24 Months: Subject to change

🛠️ Broadband only, no phone line required

🌟 Features & Optional Extras:

🔌 Hub Two Router Included

🛡️ Plusnet SafeGuard and Plusnet Protect Powered by Norton Included

📈 Monthly Usage: Unlimited

🎁 £60.00 Reward Card Included

🕒 Other Details:

🌐 Ultra-Fast Internet Perfect for Heavy Usage

🖥️ Ideal for High-Quality Streaming and Online Gaming

Full Fibre 500 - With WIFI Connect
24-Month Contract - Full Fibre 500

Full Fibre 500
(Broadband Only)

500 Mbps ⬇️
£31.99 per month
(Increases 31 March)

Average download speed: 500 Mb/s

Upload Speed: 75 Mb/s

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Speeds & Guarantees:

🔽 500 Mb/s Download Speed

💪 275 Mb/s Minimum Guaranteed Speed

🔼 75 Mb/s Upload Speed

Upfront & Monthly Costs:

💵 Monthly Cost: £31.99

🚚 £0 Activation Fee, Was £20

📅 Costs after 24 Months: Subject to change

🛠️ Broadband only, no phone line required

🌟 Features & Optional Extras:

🔌 Hub Two Router Included

🛡️ Plusnet SafeGuard and Plusnet Protect Powered by Norton Included

📈 Monthly Usage: Unlimited

🎁 £75.00 Reward Card Included

🕒 Other Details:

🌐 Exceptionally High-Speed Internet for Intensive Use

🖥️ Perfect for 4K Streaming, Large Downloads, and Online Gaming

Full Fibre 900 - With WIFI Connect
24-Month Contract - Full Fibre 900

Full Fibre 900
(Broadband Only)

900 Mbps ⬇️
£41.99 per month
(Increases 31 March)

Average download speed: 900 Mb/s

Upload Speed: 115 Mb/s

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Speeds & Guarantees:

🔽 900 Mb/s Download Speed

💪 500 Mb/s Minimum Guaranteed Speed

🔼 115 Mb/s Upload Speed

Upfront & Monthly Costs:

💵 Monthly Cost: £41.99

🚚 £0 Activation Fee, Was £20

📅 Costs after 24 Months: Subject to change

🛠️ Broadband only, no phone line required

🌟 Features & Optional Extras:

🔌 Hub Two Router Included

🛡️ Plusnet SafeGuard and Plusnet Protect Powered by Norton Included

📈 Monthly Usage: Unlimited

🎁 £100.00 Reward Card Included

⚡ 25 x Faster than Unlimited Fibre

🕒 Other Details:

🌐 Top-Tier Speeds for the Most Demanding Online Activities

🖥️ Ideal for Ultra-High Definition Streaming and Professional Use

What is Plusnet Broadband?

The Evolution of Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet Broadband is part of the BT Group but operates independently from BT. Founded in 1997 as Force9 Internet, Plusnet evolved from offering dial-up internet to ADSL and full-fibre/SoGEA broadband services. Acquired by BT Group in 2007, Plusnet became a distinct brand, focusing on providing straightforward broadband and telecommunication services. 

You may be familiar with Plusnet’s advertising campaigns – they’re usually quite funny. Initially using the strapline “Good Honest Broadband from Yorkshire,” Plusnet later adopted the slogan “We’ll do you proud” in 2012, emphasising their commitment to customer service and satisfaction. 

In 2023 Plusnet rebranded to “That’s a Plus” which marked a shift in their marketing strategy, and most notably for customers in the perks and rewards that Plusnet offers. This rebranding campaign included a visually striking TV commercial titled “No Fluff,” featuring comedian David Earl as the voiceover artist. The campaign is part of a full brand refresh across TV, social media, direct mail, and the Plusnet website, with a focus on straightforward, no-nonsense broadband services.

Plusnet Broadband A Brief History Roadmap

Plusnet Unique Selling Points (USP’s)

With a bit of insight on the Plusnet brand and a look at the Plusnet broadband deals, here’s some of their USP’s:

  1. Diversity of Packages – Not all low-cost broadband providers have a complete suite of full fibre offerings, but Plusnet do. This makes them super competitive on price, particularly in the broadband-only market where packages range from 74 Mbps right up to 900 Mbps, and with better value for money than BT and other competing brands like Sky and Virgin, – including some of the altnets and smaller broadband providers like Hyperoptic (£26 for 50 Mbps + 19 Activation) vs. Plusnet (£26.99 for 74 Mbps with £0 activation)
  2. No Activation Fees – Broadband providers often include set-up or activation fees, but Plusnet doesn’t. In fact, t’s wavered its £20 activation fee across all 5 of its full fibre packages.  
  3. Price Transparency – Another great thing about Plusnet is its pricing strategy. It’s straightforward and transparent, with no hidden charges. What you see on the website and T&Cs is what you get. You’ll notice when you add a fibre package to the basket that there’s a very clear breakdown of the pricing with a summary section on costs. There’s also a chat feature on the website so if you’re stuck on anything at any point, or want to check on pricing, that’s always there with a quick response.
  4. Free Security Features – Plusnet packages come with two great features – Plusnet SafeGaurd and Plusnet Protect Powered by Norton
  5. Free Router – All full fibre packages come with a free Hub Two router which is very similar to BT’s Smart Hub 2 in both design and features. More than just a router, this hub device is ideal for full-fibre broadband with 4 X Gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB 2 port and Wi-FI 5 capability. 
  6. Rewards – The Plusnet Reward Card, available to new customers on selected deals, functions like cash and can be used in many stores.
  7. Perks -with a diverse range of exclusive offers from various brands, customers enjoy perks from refreshing iced coffees to natural skincare products, all while staying connected with Plusnet’s reliable broadband. 
  8. Environmental Focus – Plusnet’s network has been using 100% renewable energy since 2021.
  9. Customer Support – The company provides award-winning, UK-based customer support, available seven days a week.
  10. Switching – Plusnet makes switching to their services easy for customers.
  11. No Landline Needed – Broadband options are available without the requirement of a landline.
  12. Referral Programme – Plusnet’s ‘Recommend a Friend’ program offers a mutually beneficial deal: existing customers receive a discount on their monthly bill for every new person they refer to Plusnet’s broadband services, potentially earning enough to cover their costs, while the new customers gain access to Plusnet’s broadband deals.

Broadband Services and Customer Experience

Understanding Plusnet’s history offers a bit of insight into its current brand identity. Beginning as a dial-up service in 1997 and transitioning to ADSL broadband in 2000, Plusnet later expanded to fibre broadband, adapting to the increasing demand for faster internet. Today, Plusnet is recognised for its ultra-low latency (5-15 ms), enhancing experiences in gaming and HD video conferencing. Coupled with competitive pricing, flexible contracts, and a strong focus on customer service, environmental responsibility, and inclusivity. Although part of the BT Group, Plusnet stands out in the UK broadband market with its own focus on genuine good value and outstanding no-frill full fibre broadband.

Awards, Rewards and Perks of Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet is also renowned for its award-winning, UK-based support, ensuring a positive user experience. This is supplemented by the Plusnet Community online forum, which serves as an additional support and engagement platform.

If the awards don’t tempt you, new customers can benefit from a range of rewards, including a referral scheme for bill discounts and the Plusnet Protect antivirus package. The Plusnet Reward Card, available to new customers, is widely accepted in stores that support Mastercard®.

The provider’s call packages, such as Evening & Weekend UK/Mobile calls, Unlimited UK & Mobile calls, and Anytime International calls, are designed with specific fair usage policies, catering to a variety of calling needs.

Plusnet’s commitment extends beyond just providing internet services. The company is dedicated to sustainable operations, actively working to reduce its carbon footprint. This reflects a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

Lastly, Plusnet demonstrates its inclusivity by offering features and services that accommodate users with disabilities, ensuring that its services are accessible to a broad spectrum of customers.

What Speeds Can I Get on Plusnet?

A Look at Plusnet Broadband Speeds, Features and Price Points

On the lowest tier, the Fibre package offers average speeds of 66 Mbps, making it a suitable choice for smaller homes or families of 1-3 occupants, and is adept at handling activities like smooth HD streaming and online gaming. However, the flagship in Plusnet’s lineup is undoubtedly it’s Full Fibre range, which includes packages from 74 Mbps to an impressive 900 Mbps. The pinnacle of this range is the Full Fibre 900 package, not only boasting download speeds up to 900 Mbps but also upload speeds around 115 Mbps. This package is tailor-made for demanding internet tasks such as 4K streaming and large-scale downloads.

Plusnet has consistently high performance, with download speeds in their top tier packages typically ranging between 500-700 Mbps over Wi-Fi and 900-950 Mbps via an Ethernet connection. The ultra-low latency, which ranges from 5-15 ms, adds to the appeal, particularly for users engaged in real-time online activities like gaming and HD video conferencing.

Another key feature is pricing and contracts. Plusnet broadband packages start at £24.99 per month, with variations based on speed and contract duration. Customers have the option to choose between 12-month and 24-month contracts, providing a degree of choice and flexibility. It’s important to note that Plusnet applies an annual price increase policy based on the CPI rate of inflation plus 3.9%.

The technical aspect of Plusnet’s service is also commendable. Plusnet full fibre packages include the Plusnet Hub 2 router, which very similar to the BT Smart Hub 2. The router is known for its excellent Wi-Fi coverage and is equipped with multiple Ethernet ports.

How Fast is Plusnet Broadband?


Plusnet Broadband offers a variety of broadband speeds tailored to different user needs and locations. For general browsing and social media activities, speeds starting from 10 Mbps are sufficient. Plusnet’s range of Full Fibre packages caters to more demanding internet usage, like HD gaming and streaming, with ultrafast speeds up to 900 Mbps. These Full Fibre options include:

  • Full Fibre 74, with an estimated download speed of 74 Mbps.
  • Full Fibre 145, offering around 145 Mbps download speed.
  • Full Fibre 300, providing an estimated 300 Mb download speed.
  • Full Fibre 500, with a speed of approximately 500 Mbps.
  • Full Fibre 900, the fastest, offering up to 900Mb download speed, which is about 25 times faster than standard fibre options.

For those who cannot access Full Fibre, Plusnet also provides a Fibre broadband package without a landline, offering average speeds up to 66Mb, suitable for activities like streaming and gaming.

Pros and Cons of Plusnet Broadband Packages

Pros and Cons of Plusnet Broadband
Pros Cons
✔ Various speed options catering to different needs ❗ Speeds and availability vary by location
✔ Competitive pricing and deals ❗ Some packages may require a 24-month commitment
✔ No landline required for certain packages ❗ Customer service experiences can vary
✔ Enhanced security features ❗ Potentially higher prices post-contract period
✔ Good for standard browsing and streaming needs ❗ Not all areas have access to the highest speed packages
✔ Reliable service with widespread coverage ❗ Limited ultrafast options compared to some competitors
✔ Options for bundling with TV and mobile services ❗ Speeds may not be sufficient for very high-usage households

How does Plusnet Broadband Compare?

Plusnet Broadband How Does it Compare
Broadband Package Download Speed Upload Speed Monthly Cost
Full Fibre 74 74 Mbps 20 Mbps £24.99 (increases 31 March)
Full Fibre 145 145 Mbps 30 Mbps £26.99 (increases 31 March)
Full Fibre 300 300 Mbps 50 Mbps £29.99 (increases 31 March)
Full Fibre 500 500 Mbps 75 Mbps £31.99 (increases 31 March)
Full Fibre 900 900 Mbps 115 Mbps £41.99 (increases 31 March)
Source: Plusnet - Latest Speed and Pricing Full Fibre Broadband.

Key Features of Plusnet Broadband​

We’ve covered the top-line features of Plusnet Broadband, and now let’s get into the detail and specifics of what Plusnet offers. This comprehensive table outlines everything from the variety of broadband packages to the intricacies of their customer service, ensuring you have all the information you need to understand Plusnet’s broadband deals in depth.

Feature 📜 Details 🔍
A Range of Broadband Packages 📦 Unlimited Broadband (10Mbps), Fibre (66Mbps), Full Fibre (74-900Mbps)
Ultra Low Latency 🕒 Ultra-low latency, typically 5-15 ms, ideal for gaming, HD streaming, and video calls
Contract Length ⏳ 12-month (not available online) and 24-month contracts
Usage Policy 📄 Unlimited usage, no traffic management
Broadband-Only Option 🌐 All packages are broadband-only, with optional line rental and call packages
Call Package Options 📞 Evening & Weekend UK/Mobile, Unlimited UK/Mobile, Anytime International Calls
Router Specifications 📡 Hub Two Router (Wi-Fi 5, dual-band, multiple Ethernet ports)
Installation & Set-up 🔧 Self-setup; engineer visit required for full-fibre service/new landlines
Customer Service 🤝 Award-winning, UK-based customer service, online community forum
Additional Offers & Extras 🎁 Referral scheme for bill discounts, Plusnet Protect antivirus, various rewards for new customers
Price Increase Policy ⚠️ Annual price increase based on CPI rate of inflation plus 3.9%
Service Availability Check 🔍 Use Plusnet's broadband availability checker with postcode
TV and Mobile Services 📺📱 No TV services; mobile phone services available separately through Plusnet Mobile
Installation Cost 💸 £49.99 for new landline installation, free router with contract
Engineer Visit Wait Time ⌛ Approximately 14 days with existing landline, 21 days without
Customer Support Options 👥 Phone support (8am-8pm), Plusnet Community online forum
Security Software 🛡️ Plusnet Protect powered by McAfee, including spam protection and firewall
Parental Control Options 👪 Plusnet SafeGuard for filtering inappropriate web content
Additional Broadband Perks 🌟 Free gifts, vouchers, Plusnet Reward Card offers for new customers
Price Range 💰 Starts from £24.99 a month, varies by package and speed
Reward Card Offer 💳 Plusnet Reward Card for new customers, usable in stores accepting Mastercard®
Speed Range ⚡ 10Mbps (ADSL) up to 900Mbps (Full Fibre)
Router Quality 🏆 Which? Best Buy Hub Two Router, endorsed for performance and reliability
Award Recognition 🥇 Voted Uswitch large Broadband Provider of the Year 2023
Switching Process 🔄 Easy switching process in 3 steps, assistance provided for transition
Call Plan Details 🗣️ Fair usage limits on call plans, inclusive minutes and discounts on international calls
Voicemail and Caller Display 📞 Options for advanced voicemail services and caller display features
Call Protect Feature 🛡️ Plusnet Call Protect for blocking nuisance calls

Plusnet Broadband Only Packages

Speeds Up to 900 Mbps

Simplicity and Speed with Plusnet Broadband

Looking for a hassle-free broadband experience? Plusnet is the go-to provider for straightforward broadband at straightforward prices. They cut through the jargon to offer you what truly matters – reliable internet without the need for a landline or any unnecessary extras.

Plusnet’s Full Fibre Broadband – Fast, Reliable, Uncomplicated

  • Ultra-Fast Speeds: Experience speeds of up to 900Mb, perfect for all your online needs.
  • Up to 25x Faster: As the UK’s most reliable broadband, Plusnet’s Full Fibre offers a range of speeds, ensuring the best connection for your home.
  • Always the Best Available Speed: If Full Fibre isn’t yet in your area, Plusnet commits to providing the fastest available speed to you.
Streaming, gaming, and home working with average speeds of up to 66Mb
  • Ideal Average Speeds: With speeds up to 66Mb, enjoy smooth streaming, gaming, and efficient home working.
  • Straightforward Pricing: Plusnet keeps it simple. Their Fibre broadband package comes at one transparent price, giving you the fastest connection your home can support.

Full Fibre deals with up to £100 Reward Card

If you’re looking for an internet upgrade this new year, Plusnet has some amazing offers on that you won’t want to miss! For a limited time, get Full Fibre broadband starting at just £24.99 a month for the 74 Mbps package. If you decide to take a little extra bandwidth there’s some fantastic incentives with reward cards ranging from £50-100. You’ll need to secure your Full Fibre broadband at a low price before the offer increases on 31 March.

How to Grab This Deal:

  1. Visit the Plusnet Website (link here)
  2. Simply enter your Postcode.
  3. Provide your Landline number (optional).
  4. Click “Find my deals” to see your personalised options.

Attention Existing Customers: Don’t feel left out! There are special broadband deals waiting for you too. Check them out now.

Keep in Mind: Remember, prices are subject to an annual increase on 31 March, based on the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation plus an additional 3.9%.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Turn your January blues into a year of smooth streaming and fast browsing with this exceptional Full Fibre broadband offer.

Differences Between Traditional FTTC and Full Fibre

Standard Fibre (FTTC)

  • Speed Variability: Irrespective of the FTTC package you get, internet speeds will vary based on distance from the local street cabinet and any interference on the copper cable.
  • Usage Suitability: While slower than full fibre, FFTC  is suitable for regular activities like web browsing and HD streaming.
  • Pricing: Because FTTC fibre internet speeds are typically slower than the full fibre, they’re usually cheaper, but that does vary by provider and package.

Full Fibre (FTTP)

  • Ultrafast Speeds: Capable of up to 900 Mbps, about 25 times faster than traditional broadband.
  • Reliability and Installation: Direct fibre optic connection to the home enhances reliability and eliminates the need for a phone line.
  • Heavy Usage: Ideal for intensive internet use, such as streaming, gaming, and large file transfers.
  • Future-Proof: Various package options cater to different user needs, from individuals to large households.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

Plusnet Fibre to the Cabinet FTTC

Full Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

Full Fibre light map

Plusnet Rewards Card​

Plusnet Perks - A Loyalty Reward Programme

The Plusnet Perks loyalty reward program is a great bit of value from Plusnet that’s beyond just broadband. The program offers a variety of exclusive deals and discounts from a wide range of brands, catering to different interests and needs. Customers can enjoy perks such as discounted rates on Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, savings with Tastecard for dining and cinema tickets, eco-friendly products like Wild deodorant, and culinary delights from SimplyCook and Gousto.

If you want a health kick, the program includes offers on fitness classes with FIIT, beauty products from The Body Shop, speciality coffee subscriptions, a variety of audiobooks and podcasts through Audible, and even tailored pet food from

Beyond these product and service discounts, Plusnet also provides valuable tools and opportunities to save on their services.

The Free Plusnet SafeGuard offers enhanced online safety with its parental control features, ensuring a secure internet experience. Furthermore, the ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme is particularly beneficial, as it allows customers to earn savings on their bills for each successful referral, potentially leading to complimentary broadband service. These perks are easily accessible to customers who can view and claim them by logging into their Plusnet account.

Plusnet Reward Card

Plusnet Rewards Card​

Plusnet is currently running a January sale on their Full Fibre broadband deals, offering new customers the chance to receive up to a £100 Reward Card on selected packages. This sale is an excellent opportunity for those looking to switch to Plusnet or upgrade their current plan. Customers can check the available deals in their area by entering their details, including their postcode and optionally their landline number, on the Plusnet website.

The Plusnet Reward Card, available to new customers on selected deals, functions like a preloaded cash card. It can be used for purchases online and in most high street stores that display the Mastercard® logo. Customers can claim this card once their broadband service is active, adhering to the terms and conditions of the offer.

For those whose broadband contracts are ending in January and are considering switching providers, Plusnet makes the process straightforward. By entering details into Plusnet’s broadband postcode checker, customers can find out what deals are available to them. Plusnet handles the communication with the current provider for a seamless switch. However, if the current provider is a cable service like Virgin or another non-Openreach network provider, customers will need to inform their provider themselves, typically giving around 30 days’ notice.

It’s important to note that prices for broadband, line rental, call plans, and call charges are subject to an annual increase each March, based on the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation plus an additional 3.9%. This and other potential changes in prices, content, and terms during the contract are detailed in Plusnet’s CPI Plus 3.9% Guide and full residential terms and conditions.

Existing Plusnet customers are encouraged to sign in to view exclusive deals available to them. Plusnet’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction is evident in their range of offers and their partnership with Internet Matters, emphasising their focus on internet safety.

Plusnet Security Packages

Parental Control, Antivirus and Antimalware Protection

Plusnet offers two key security packages, Plusnet Safeguard and Plusnet Protect, to ensure a safe and family-friendly online experience. Plusnet Protect, powered by Norton™, is a comprehensive security suite available with all Plusnet broadband packages. It provides robust protection against online threats, including virus protection for various devices, safe search features, extra security for online banking, webcam safeguards, and a password manager. This package is designed to protect up to seven devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your digital life.

In addition to data protection, Plusnet places a strong emphasis on family safety with Plusnet Safeguard. This feature includes parental controls that allow you to block inappropriate content, set safe browsing limits, and manage online time for your family. Plusnet has collaborated with Internet Matters to offer resources and videos to help parents navigate internet safety for children. Both Plusnet Safeguard and Plusnet Protect are standard with Plusnet’s broadband packages, emphasizing the company’s commitment to online security and safety. Plusnet’s partnership with Internet Matters further highlights their dedication to creating a safer internet environment for children.

Plusnet Pink Plus

Award-winning broadband

Voted Uswitch large Broadband Provider of the Year 2023 this prestigious award is a testament to Plusnet's dedication to excellence.

UK-based customer service

The Plusnet goes the extra mile, operating seven days a week, to provide outstanding care and support. They are dedicated to ensuring each client receives the attention and service they deserve, 7 days week

Easy switching

Switching your broadband provider to Plusnet is a hassle-free 3 step process. They'll guide you through each stage, ensuring a smooth transition by taking care of all the details for you.

Summary of Benefits and Considerations

Beat the January Blues with Plusnet’s Full Fibre Deals

  • Attractive Offers: New customers can enjoy Full Fibre plans starting at £24.99 a month, with a chance to snag up to a £100 Reward Card. But hurry, prices are set to increase on 31 March.
  • Simple Sign-Up Process: Just enter your postcode and optional landline number to discover tailored deals.

Simplicity is Key at Plusnet

  • Ultra-Fast Speeds: Plusnet’s Full Fibre offers speeds up to 900Mb, making it up to 25 times faster than average.
  • Flexible Broadband Solutions: If Full Fibre isn’t yet in your area, Plusnet ensures you still get the best available speed.

Perks of the Plusnet Reward Card

  • A Bonus for Newbies: The Plusnet Reward Card acts like a preloaded credit card, valid in stores and online where Mastercard® is accepted, available to new customers on selected deals.

Always the Best Connection Available

  • Upgrading as You Go: Plusnet promises to offer the fastest possible speeds available at your address, with upgrades as the network expands.

Why Users Prefer Plusnet

  • Award-Winning Service: With accolades like the Uswitch large Broadband Provider of the Year 2023, Plusnet has a solid reputation.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Available seven days a week, their UK-based customer service team is a standout feature.
  • Hassle-Free Switching: Moving to Plusnet is a seamless three-step process.

A Pure Digital Broadband Only Service

  • Broadband Only Options: Plusnet offers packages without mandatory landline services (aka broadband-only), catering to modern, digital-centric users. That’s also future proofs you for the copper to digital transition next year in 2025.

Understanding the Terms

  • Annual Price Adjustments: Note that prices for broadband and line rental will rise each March in line with the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation plus 3.9%.

Select From A Range of Broadband Choices

  • Contract Flexibility: Plusnet provides options for 12, 18, or 24-month contracts, with variations in pricing and terms.
  • Installation Details: In some cases, an Openreach survey might be needed for Full Fibre connections.

Additional Benefits

  • Online Safety Features: Plusnet Safeguard and Norton™ powered security packages offer added online protection.

Accessible Customer Assistance

  • Contact Options: Plusnet’s customer service is just a call away for any inquiries or assistance.

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