NOW Broadband Deals – Are they Any Good? NOW Super Fibre Broadband 63 Mbps is a great package deal if you’re looking for a low cost, flexible fire broadband package. It’s also top of the range of NOW Fibre Broadband packges. We provide a detailed view of the package below. NOW Package Deal Why Chose a Now Broadband Package in 2023? Are you considering signing up for a broadband package from NOW Broadband in 2023? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the company’s offerings, including their speeds, customer service, and value for money. A Closer Look of NOW Broadband’s Deals First, let’s take a look at the three basic broadband plans that NOW Broadband currently offers in 2023. There are essentially 3 fibre broadband packages, which is a great start because that makes things really simple. Now you might be struck by that classic “Economist’ marketing tactic where they offer you something better for the same price. There’s Fab Fibre for £21 and Super Fibre for the same price. They’re both twelve-month contracts but you get nearly double the speed with Super Fibre. It’s a no-brainer and not surprising that it’s their “most popular” deal. But are there any cons? Well, we’ve looked and we can’t find any. Yes, it’s a marketing tactic to get you to buy it, but no it’s not a con. The question you might be asking is how long does it last? Brilliant Broadband  This offers average download speeds of 11 Mbps Fab Fibre Fab Fibre is a package that offers an average speed of 36 Mbps Super Fibre offers an average speed of 63 Mbps. It’s important to note that NOW Broadband is a subsidiary of Sky, launched in 2012 and originally known as NOW TV. The company uses the Openreach network to deliver broadband service, meaning that their coverage and packages are similar to other providers on the Openreach network such as BT, TalkTalk, and Plusnet. They do not have their own network, unlike Virgin Media. Of the three broadband packages offered by NOW Broadband, Fab Fibre and Super Fibre tend to be the best value for money. Brilliant Broadband, however, often provides less than a third of the speed for 80-90% of the cost of Fab Fibre, making it less of a good deal. One of the benefits of NOW Broadband is that they offer 12-month contracts, unlike many other providers who require 18 or 24 months. They also offer the option to buy broadband without a contract, but at a higher monthly price and upfront cost. Additionally, NOW Broadband offers good customer service, with options for online chat and phone support. The process of switching to NOW Broadband is also easy and straightforward. In terms of router options, NOW Broadband sends customers the NOW Hub 2, which only has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports. This is a disadvantage compared to other providers who typically offer routers with 4 ports. NOW Broadband also offers NOW TV, a subscription service for access to TV channels such as Sky Sports. Overall, NOW Broadband offers good value for money and good customer service, but their router options could be improved. If you’re considering signing up for a broadband package from NOW Broadband in 2023, it’s worth taking these factors into consideration. Table: Comparison of NOW Broadband’s Packages Package Average Download Speed Average Upload Speed Monthly Price Contract Length Super Fibre 63Mbps 19Mbps £22/month 12 months Fab Fibre 36Mbps 12Mbps £27/month 12 months Fab Broadband 11Mbps 36Mbps £36/month 24 months What do the Reviews Say? Trust Pilot Reviews In an ideal world, you would have separate reviews, for NOW, TV and NOW Broadband, but they are unfortunately lumped together under the same banner, so you’ll need to dig through and sift them one way or the other depending on whether you’re after the TV, Broadband, or both as package deal. Let’s a dive in explore this a bit. NOW TV NOW TV gets poor reviews. In fact, from 11,000 reviews 44% of those are bad reviews leaving a stunningly poor total of 1.5 stars. Quite frankly, I’ve never had a problem with it, but if half of the reviews find it poor, there’s an issue so let’s dive in. NOW TV is a streaming service and broadband provider –  is experiencing a number of issues with its service. Customers have complained of poor streaming quality, frequent drops in service, and unreliable connections. There are also several complaints about poor customer service and issues with billing. Many customers have expressed frustration with the service and have indicated that they will not be renewing their subscriptions. Some have even suggested that the service is a scam and that they have been charged for services they did not receive. Overall, the reviews paint a negative picture of the service and its reliability. NOW Broadband Overall, NOW Broadband has receives very positive feedback from its customers. This stands in stark contrast to TV service which has mostly bad reviews. Many customers have praised the company for its fast and reliable internet connection, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. One customer, Richard Cruise, stated that the company’s customer service was “5-star service” and that the company’s internet speeds were “perfect.” Another customer, Idris Hussain, said that he had “zero contact with their helpline” and that his broadband service with NOW Broadband was “10/10.” A number of customers have also praised the company’s short 12-month contract, which allows customers to test the services before committing to a longer contract. Some customers have also praised the company’s flexibility when it comes to renewing contracts, with one customer stating that they were able to renew their contract at a lower price. However, a small number of customers have reported issues with the company’s customer service. Some customers have reported long wait times on the phone and poor technical support. In conclusion, NOW Broadband is a reliable and affordable provider of internet and phone services in the UK. The company offers a range