BT Fibre 2

BT Fibre 2 offers a download speed range of 56-73 Mbps
With a ‘Stay Fast Guarantee’ of 51 Mbps and an upload speed range of 17-18 Mbps . The package comes at a cost of £35.99 per month (for broadband-only) over a 24-month contract with an upfront cost of £29.99 for broadband-only (without a landline phone service) and  £40.99 with a landline include. At around  6-23 Mbps faster than Fibre 1, it’s great for streaming, gaming, and downloading in HD on multiple devices simultaneously.

  1. What is BT Fibre 2?
  2. What does the Fibre 2 Package Involve?
  3. Who is BT Fibre 2 For?
  4. A Comparison of BT Fibre Broadband Packages
  5. Comparing BT Fibre 2 to Other BT Packages
  6. What’s Included with BT Fibre 2?
  7. What’s the BT Smart Hub 2 router specification?

BT Full Fibre 2 in a Nutshell

Download Speed

56-73 Mpbs

Upload Speed

17-18 Mpbs

Broadband Only

£35.99 Per Month

Contract Length

24 Months

What is BT Fibre 2?

BT Fibre 2, (aka Full Fibre 2 if you have full fibre access) retails at £35.99 per month (without a phone) and £40.99 per month (with a phone) on a 24-month contract. It comes with an initial upfront cost of £29.99 and provides a decent speed of 56-73 Mbps⬇ 17-18 Mbps⬆, suitable for daily internet usage in small households. 

That said, this is one of BT’s “legacy” fibre packages and we would advise checking for newer alternatives. While 6-23 Mbps faster than Fibre 1, it’s still around half the speed BT Full Fibre 100 (100 Mbps⬇), which currently retails for £6 less at £29.99 on the same 24-month contract – well worth checking.

If your property only has a fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) connection (a copper cable transition to your home), then for the time being this might be the highest speed you can go with BT.  BT Fibre 2 package might be thought of as a middle-tier option in BT’s fibre lineup. Going through this article should help you decide if this package suits your internet needs best.

BT Fibre 2

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Key Features of Fibre 2

BT’s Fibre 2, available at £35.99 per month with a one-time upfront cost of £29.99, delivers robust broadband speeds of 56-73 Mbps⬇ and upload speeds of 17-18 Mbps⬆, catering well to heavy daily internet usage.

Key Features Inlcude:

  1. High Download and Upload Speeds: With download speeds ranging from 56 to 73 Mbps and upload speeds between 17 and 18 Mbps, Full Fibre 2 offers fast and reliable connectivity suitable for high-bandwidth applications such as HD video streaming, online gaming, and large file transfers.
  2. Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP): Full Fibre 2 operates on an FTTP connection, providing a direct fibre connection to your premises for a smoother and more reliable internet experience, with no speed reduction due to copper cables.
  3. Medium Use Broadband: This plan is perfect for small households with multiple devices or heavy internet users, capable of supporting simultaneous HD streaming, gaming, and large file downloads.
  4. 24-month Contract: Available on a two-year contract, Full Fibre 2 offers stable pricing and guaranteed service.
  5. Stay Fast Guarantee: BT ensures a minimum ‘Stay Fast Guarantee’ of 51 Mbps, so you can expect a certain level of performance at all times.
BT Full Fibre 1 Review

What Does the BT Fibre 2 Package Include?

BT’s Fibre 2 broadband package is an excellent solution for households that require a stable, robust internet connection. It’s designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of internet users, including gamers, high-quality streaming enthusiasts, and home office users. Offering average download speeds of 56-73 Mbps, Full Fibre 2 doesn’t only cater to everyday internet requirements, but it also holds its own against competing fibre broadband offerings.

With Full Fibre 2, you can experience seamless streaming on platforms like Netflix, even in high definition. Considering that Netflix consumes around 3 GB per hour for high definition (HD) streaming and 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD or 4K content, Full Fibre 2 with its high download speed is fully equipped to deliver a smooth, uninterrupted viewing experience, even with other data-intensive tasks running simultaneously.

Full Fibre 2 is also perfect for households equipped with multiple smart devices. Whether it’s streaming music on Spotify, which uses about 40-150 MB per hour depending on sound quality, scrolling through Instagram, or using Google Maps, Full Fibre 2 can handle these tasks with ease.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the Full Fibre 2 package:

Monthly Cost: It’s priced at £35.99 per month.
Download Speed: Provides a range of speeds from 56-73 Mbps, suitable for HD and Ultra HD video streaming, gaming, and extensive internet use.
Upload Speed: Offers an upload speed of 17-18 Mbps, facilitating quick uploads of large files, smooth video calls, and efficient online gaming.
Broadband Type: Employs Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology for faster, more reliable service.
Router: It includes a modern router BT Smart Hub 2 router providing exceptional Wi-Fi coverage across the house.
Contract Length: The package comes with a 24-month contract duration, providing stability in pricing and service.
‘Stay Fast Guarantee’: BT guarantees a minimum download speed of 51 Mbps, ensuring that the connection remains consistently fast.

Overall, whether you’re a film buff streaming in 4K, a gaming enthusiast, or managing various smart devices in a busy household, BT Full Fibre 2 offers a high-speed, reliable, and comprehensive broadband solution.

Maximising Ultra HD Streaming with BT Full Fibre 2

Offering download speeds between 56 and 73 Mbps, BT Full Fibre 2 is an ideal broadband solution for households that regularly stream Ultra HD or 4K content. This high-speed broadband ensures seamless and high-quality viewing experiences for the most demanding streaming requirements.
Here’s an overview of how BT Full Fibre 2 can enhance your streaming experience across various platforms, with estimated data usage and download times for Ultra HD/4K content:

Streaming PlatformUltra HD/4K Streaming (per hour)Estimated Download Time
Netflix7 GB~14-15 minutes
Amazon Prime Video7 GB~14-15 minutes
YouTube7 GB~14-15 minutes
Hulu7 GB~14-15 minutes
Disney+7 GB~14-15 minutes

The download time estimates are based on the lower end of BT Full Fibre 2’s speed range (56 Mbps), so actual times may be even quicker with faster speeds. Please note that these are approximate values and actual speeds can vary based on network congestion and other factors.

Furthermore, BT Full Fibre 2 doesn’t just excel at streaming; it also ensures quick and efficient downloading of content. Regardless of whether you prefer standard quality (for less data usage and faster downloads) or high quality (for more data usage and slower downloads), BT Full Fibre 2 offers a smooth downloading experience.

In summary, BT’s Full Fibre 2 provides a solid and reliable broadband solution for all your Ultra HD/4K streaming and downloading needs, making it an excellent choice for homes that want the best in online entertainment.

FeatureFull Fibre 2 Details
Package Price£35.99 per month
Upfront Cost£29.99
Est. First Year Cost (Excluding Price Increases and Setup Costs)£461.88
Download Speed56-73Mbps
Upload Speed17-18Mbps
BroadbandFibre to the Premises (FTTP)
RouterSmart Hub 2
Packages AvailableBroadband only
Contract Length24 months
Slow Bandwidth Activities (Up to 1 Mbps)Supports numerous activities like Emails, Streaming, VoIP calls, Smart home devices, Browsing social media
Medium Bandwidth Activities (1–4 Mbps)Adequate for activities like Personal video calls, Internet gaming on a console, Streaming video in SD, General internet browsing
Fast Bandwidth Activities (5–15 Mbps)Supports HD video teleconferencing, Streaming video in HD, Downloading large files, Multiplayer online gaming
Very Fast Bandwidth Activities (16–25 Mbps)Can handle activities such as Game or application updates, Streaming video in ultra HD (4K or 8K), and more. The high download speed allows for numerous such activities simultaneously without slowing down
Ultra-Fast Bandwidth Activities (>25 Mbps)Supports ultra HD (4K or 8K) streaming on multiple devices, large-scale file downloads, and extensive online gaming, all at the same time without any performance issues

How Does Fibre 2 compare with the BT Full Fibre Deals?

BT Fibre 100
150 Mb/s

Average download speed of 150 Mb/s
£ 29 99
per month
24-Month Contract
Speeds & Guarantees
150 Download Speed
100 Mb/s Stayfast Guarantee
30 Mb/s Upload Speed
Full Fibre 100 Costs & Rewards
£50 BT Reward Card
Monthly Cost: £31.99
Avg Monthly Cost: £33.24
First Year Cost: £413.87
Monthly cost after 24 months: £39.99
Set-up cost: £20.00
Equipment cost: £0.00
Delivery cost: £9.99
Upfront Cost: £29.99
Estimated Download Speed *
SD Movie (1-2GB): 1-3 minutes
HD Movie (2-4GB): 3-5 minutes
4K Movie (20-22 GB): 26-29 minutes
8K Movie (36-38 GB): 48-50 minutes
Stream ultra-HD video on up to 4 devices at the same time
Full Fibre 100 Details
Monthly Usage: Unlimited
Smart Hub 2
No landline phone service
Add Complete Wi-Fi now only £5 a month
Includes Full Fibre 500 for 1 month

BT Fibre 500
500 Mb/s

Average download speed of 500 Mb/s
£44.99 £ 32 99
per month
24-Month Contract
Speeds & Guarantees
500 Mb/s Download Speed
425 Mb/s Stayfast Guarantee
73 Mb/s Upload Speed
Full Fibre 500 Costs & Rewards
£50 BT Reward Card
Monthly Cost: £37.99
Avg Monthly Cost: £39.24
First Year Cost: £485.87
Monthly cost after 24 months: £49.99
Set-up cost: £20.00
Equipment cost: £0.00
Delivery cost: £9.99
Upfront Cost: £29.99
Estimated Download Speed *
SD Movie (1-2GB): 8-20 seconds
HD Movie (2-4GB): 20-30 seconds
4K Movie (20-22 GB): 3-5 minutes
8K Movie (36-38 GB): 5-6 minutes
Stream ultra-HD video on up to 36 devices at the same time
Full Fibre 500 Details
Monthly Usage: Unlimited
Smart Hub 2
No landline phone service
Add Complete Wi-Fi now only £5 a month
12 months’ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

BT Fibre 900
900 Mb/s

Average download speed of 900 Mb/s
54.99 £ 40 99
per month
24-Month Contract
Speeds & Guarantees
900 Mb/s Download Speed
700 Mb/s Stayfast Guarantee
110 Mb/s Upload Speed
Full Fibre 900 Costs & Rewards
£50 BT Reward Card
Monthly Cost: £52.99
Avg Monthly Cost: £54.24
First Year Cost: £665.87
Monthly cost after 24 months: £59.99
Set-up cost: £20.00
Equipment cost: £0.00
Delivery cost: £9.99
Upfront Cost: £29.99
Estimated Download Speed *
SD Movie (1-2GB): 8-20 seconds
HD Movie (2-4GB): 20-30 seconds
4K Movie (20-22 GB): 3-5 minutes
8K Movie (36-38 GB): 5-6 minutes
Stream ultra-HD video on up to 36 devices at the same time
Full Fibre 900 Details
Monthly Usage: Unlimited
Smart Hub 2
No landline phone service
Add Complete Wi-Fi now only £5 a month
12 months’ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Comparing BT Fibre 2

BT Full Fibre 2
Speed Offers consistent download speeds ranging from 56 to 73 Mbps and an upload speed of 17 to 18 Mbps, which is suitable for heavy internet activities like streaming 4K videos, extensive gaming, and multiple simultaneous video calls.
Performance Provides ultra-fast broadband service, enabling simultaneous high-bandwidth usage on multiple devices without slowdowns.
Equipment Included Smart Hub 2 router provides a strong Wi-Fi signal, reducing the need for additional boosters.
Customer Service Highly rated by Ofcom, and customers have reported positive experiences with UK-based agents.
Consistency Users report a consistent speed and Wi-Fi signal with minimal downtime, ensuring reliable connectivity.
Cost Priced at £35.99 per month, it’s a higher-priced package compared to lower speed offerings. Additionally, it includes an annual price increase even within a long-term contract.
Long Contract With a 24-month contract, it may not be suitable for users who prefer shorter commitments.
Setup Issues Some users reported initial setup problems, although they were resolved quickly.
Customer Service Despite positive reviews, some instances of delayed or cancelled orders have been reported, leading to a longer wait time for setup.
Availability Full Fibre 2 might not be available in all areas, limiting its accessibility for some users.

Who is BT Fibre 2 For?

BT Fibre 1 is for users who need dependable fast internet. Some of the user categories it caters to include:

  • Small to Medium Households: With a respectable 50Mbps speed, several users and devices can access the internet concurrently for tasks such as browsing, streaming, and more, without experiencing lag.
  • Casual Gamers: Moderate-speed connections allow for smooth, mostly lag-free gaming and reasonable game download times. Online multiplayer games become more enjoyable with this level of speed.
  • Standard-definition Video Streamers: Enjoy seamless streaming experiences, even for moderate demand content. Multiple streams can occur concurrently without significant buffering, although the lower the streaming bandwidth the more users can join.
  • Cloud Storage Users: If you frequently upload and download data from the cloud, you’ll appreciate the reasonable upload and download times, enhancing productivity for work or personal projects.
  • Households with Few Smart Devices: A 50Mbps download speed can comfortably support a number of devices, from smart TVs and home security systems to smartphones and computers.
  • Video Call Users: Decent upload speeds of a Fibre 1 line enable high-quality, seamless video calls, crucial for remote workers and online learners. Working or studying from home becomes more efficient.
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