What is BT's Stay Fast Guarantee?

BT's Stay Fast Guarantee

BT’s Stay Fast Guarantee is a special feature offered by BT to provide its customers with reliable broadband speeds, 24/7. The Stayfast guarantee applies to download speeds primarily and there’s a flat 10 Mpbs upload rate for all full fibre deals. This unique guarantee does more than promise reliable broadband speeds, it also includes regular checks and optimisation to ensure constant high-speed connectivity and a refund if the guaranteed speeds aren’t met within 30 days of raising the issue with BT.

Kelly Barlow, Marketing Director, BT, explains the guarantee succinctly:

With our new Stay Fast Guarantee, we don’t just guarantee customers’ broadband speeds, we constantly check and optimise them, so they’ll get reliable broadband speeds all day every day. If a customer’s broadband falls below their personal speed guarantee then we have an expert team of service agents on hand to get things back to normal as soon as possible - ensuring they get the best and most personal broadband experience.
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Kelly Barlow
Marketing Director, BT

Background on BT’s Stay Fast Guarantee

This scheme has been in place since 2019, and all customers who have either ordered BT Broadband or renewed their contract since this date are eligible for the Stay Fast Guarantee. The fundamental components of this guarantee are personalised speed guarantees, routine line checks, and expert support.

Each customer receives a personalised speed guarantee for their home. BT conducts a personal line check when a customer joins or renews their contract, determining if the current broadband speeds can be improved. If necessary, BT sends an engineer to work on the connection and ensure that customers receive their guaranteed speeds.

If the broadband speed falls below the guaranteed level (even at peak times), expert support from a team based in the UK and Ireland is available to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Customers also have the option to check their line speed independently using BT’s speed tester. 

BT assigns a specific Stay Fast Guarantee to each customer based on their broadband speeds. If a problem is detected, BT remotely resets the customer’s Hub, eliminating the need for any action from the customer’s end. For more significant issues, BT develops the most appropriate solution and contacts the customer directly. BT’s Full Fibre, 100, 300, 500 and 900 packages come with their own Stay Fast Guarantee below: 

ProductDownload Stay Fast GuaranteeUpload Stay Fast Guarantee
Full Fibre 100100Mpbs10Mbps
Full Fibre 300150Mbps10Mbps
Full Fibre 500250Mpbs10Mbps
Full Fibre 900700Mbps10Mbps

Source: BT

What do I do if speeds drop below the Stayfast Guarantee?

Customers can use BT’s speed tester to check their broadband speeds. If speeds are not at the guaranteed level, BT performs checks and, if required, sends out an engineer. If speeds are not restored to the guaranteed level within 30 days, BT compensates the customer with a £20 refund and even offers them the option to exit their contract without any early cancellation charges.

The Stay Fast Guarantee applies to the speed from the network to the BT Hub, not the speed delivered from the Hub to devices in the customer’s home. BT verifies the throughput speed to the Hub, which is the speed at which customers can send and receive data. To test the speed accurately, customers must use the BT Hub and the company’s speed tester. If assistance is needed, customers can contact BT at 0800 800 150.

During the test, BT ensures there is no underlying fault that might cause any issues. They may also request the customer to switch off data-heavy activities like streaming ultra high definition TV, providing a clearer understanding of the broadband line’s performance.

Before a claim can be made against the Stay Fast Guarantee, all fault checks must be completed. If the test shows a significant problem, BT may need to arrange an engineer’s visit.

FAQs on BT's Stayfast Guarantee

BT’s Stay Fast Guarantee ensures not only your broadband speeds but also their optimization. The guarantee is available for those who have ordered BT Broadband or renewed their BT Broadband contract since 1 March 2019.
The Guarantee includes a personalized speed guarantee, regular line checks, and expert support. If your speeds fall below the guaranteed level, BT’s speed experts will work to get things back to normal as soon as possible.
The Stay Fast Guarantee is provided when you join or re-contract with BT. If there are any issues, BT will try to solve them remotely or send out an engineer if needed. If speeds aren’t back to normal after 30 days, BT will give you £20 back, and you can also choose to exit your contract without paying a charge for cancelling it early.
You can test your speed using the BT speed tester. During the test, BT will check for any underlying faults. You might be asked to switch off anything using a lot of data to get a clear understanding of your broadband line performance.
The Stay Fast Guarantee for Full Fibre ensures you receive the download speeds you pay for, even at peak times. If your broadband falls below the guaranteed speed, BT will give you £20. It covers various products with varying guaranteed download and upload speeds.
Claims can be made for any faults entirely within BT’s control, either on their network or the Smart Hub. If there’s no connection at all, it indicates a larger issue and you won’t be able to claim. If you do qualify, BT will send you an email with a link to claim. A pre-paid BT Reward Card and activation instructions will then be sent to you.
The Stay Fast Guarantee does not cover the speed you receive from the Hub to devices in your home or any issues that are your responsibility, including damage to BT equipment or faults with home wiring.
You need to wait for 10 days before you can claim against BT’s Stay Fast Guarantee again.

More detailed information about the terms and conditions of the Stay, Fast Guarantee can be found at bt.com/fasterspeeds.

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