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Plusnet Broadband Logo

Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet delivers affordable and reliable broadband services across the UK, with a focus on excellent customer service and straightforward plans that cater to various user needs.

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Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media Broadband stands out in the UK for its ultrafast broadband speeds and extensive coverage, catering to a wide range of needs with its flexible plans and innovative technology.

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BE Fibre

BE Fibre is a leading broadband service provider in the UK, known for delivering high-speed and reliable fibre optic internet connections to homes and businesses alike.

Who are the UK Broadband Providers?

The UK market is flooded with broadband providers, each offering unique packages, speeds, and additional services. This article dives deep into some of the top broadband providers in the UK, helping users make informed decisions when selecting the best broadband deal for their needs.

BT Fibre Broadband

BT is a household name in the UK, playing a significant role in the telecommunications industry. They offer a plethora of packages, with their fibre optic services being some of the most sought-after. These services provide users with lightning-fast speeds of up to 900Mbps. BT TV, another offering from BT, leverages this broadband capability to deliver top-notch TV programmes seamlessly to households.

Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media stands tall as a competitor, offering a range of broadband packages that cater to different user needs. With speeds soaring up to 1,130Mbps through their Gigabit broadband, users are spoilt for choice. Virgin Media is also flexible, allowing users to opt for broadband-only packages or combined broadband, TV, and phone deals.

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband has etched its name as a leading UK provider, with packages tailored for varied requirements. One of their prominent deals includes a package available for £30/month for 18 months, catering to 41% of UK homes. Additionally, they have multiple speed options like Superfast 35, Ultrafast, Ultrafast Plus, and Gigafast, ensuring users can choose according to their needs.

Now Broadband

As the name suggests, NOW offers immediate broadband solutions. Their memberships come with unlimited downloads, ensuring users don’t have to constantly monitor their data usage. With NOW Broadband, users also have the option to enjoy critically acclaimed shows by adding the Entertainment Membership to their Fab Fibre plan.

Vodafone Broadband

Known globally, Vodafone offers Full Fibre broadband packages in the UK, reaching speeds up to 910Mbps. They’ve sweetened the deal with features such as Intelligent WiFi and Vodafone Together discounts. The process of switching to Vodafone has been made hassle-free, and its reputation for award-winning broadband services makes it a viable option for many.

TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk is all about speed and affordability. Their full fibre broadband provides speeds up to 944Mb/s. Recognizing the growing need for more than just broadband, they’ve integrated TV and NOW Sports Membership add-ons for selected fibre plans. Their partnership with Amazon Eero showcases their commitment to ensuring improved speed and reliability through Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Gigaclear Fibre Broadband

For those in rural areas, Gigaclear is the go-to option. They offer services up to 15 times faster than standard fibre, ensuring that even the most remote areas can enjoy high-speed internet. Their packages range from Superfast to Hyperfast, giving users varied speed choices.

Community Fibre

Primarily serving London, Community Fibre offers blazing speeds of up to 3 Gbps. Their focus is on delivering reliable connections through a 100% full-fibre network. Being one of the fastest providers in London, they’ve rapidly gained traction among city dwellers.

One stream Broadband

Starting at just £24.95 a month, Onestream offers a wide range of broadband speeds. Their emphasis on high-quality service, UK coverage, and exceptional customer support makes them a provider worth considering.

Shell Energy Broadband

Shell Energy Broadband, an offshoot of the globally recognised Shell Energy company, offers a diverse range of broadband packages tailored for different user needs. Their online portal is user-friendly, guiding customers from the homepage to various service sections including energy, broadband, smart home solutions, and even assistance for those moving homes. Their headline deal showcases a “Full Fibre 100” package that allows customers to save over £280 when they commit to an 18-month contract. With the introduction of their new Wi-Fi 6 hub, Shell Energy Broadband promises next-gen connectivity. This hub offers more expansive connectivity, making it an optimal choice for households with multiple devices. It’s now included with all their Superfast Fibre and Full Fibre Broadband plans. Shell Energy Broadband also boasts impressive broadband speeds. Their ‘Full Fibre’ package offers speeds of up to 900 Mbps. For those on a budget, the ‘Standard’ package starts at just £17.99 a month. They also offer the ‘Superfast Fibre’ at £22.99 a month, which provides an average download speed of 38 Mbps, and the ‘Superfast Fibre Plus’ for £24.99 a month, which gives users an average download speed of 67 Mbps. For customer assistance, Shell Energy Broadband has set up a dedicated helpline, available from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 7 pm, and on Saturdays between 9 am and 4 pm. They also have special discounted ‘Essentials Broadband’ plans for those receiving Universal Credit or specific other benefits. The company’s dedication to superior service is evident in their accolades. They’ve been recognised by over 80% of Good Housekeeping readers as a ‘great value’ broadband provider. Moreover, customers looking to enhance their online security can enjoy a three-month free trial of F-Secure Internet Security, ensuring a safe digital experience. In addition to their broadband services, Shell Energy Broadband’s commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction is clear in their detailed terms and conditions, pricing details, and dedicated FAQ section. Whether you’re an existing customer or considering making the switch, their website offers a comprehensive guide to all their services.

ITalk Broadband

With a focus on quality, affordability, and impeccable customer service, iTalk positions itself as a trustworthy choice for those seeking reliable digital communication solutions. The company’s commitment to simplicity and transparency has garnered appreciation, making it a favoured choice among many in the ever-evolving telecommunication landscape. iTalk presents an array of broadband deals, each tailored to cater to the diverse needs of users: Exclusive Offers:
  • Full Fibre 50: Priced at a discounted £25.99 per month with an additional £8.95 P&P, this deal has an average speed of 40 Mbps.
  • Full Fibre 250: iTalk’s fastest offering yet is available at £39.99 per month plus £8.95 P&P and delivers a remarkable 220 Mbps average speed.
  • Full Fibre 100: Specifically designed for avid streamers and gamers, this package is priced at £30.99 per month with an added £8.95 P&P, providing an 80 Mbps average speed.
  • Simply Fibre 50: Another excellent fibre deal at £25.99 monthly plus £8.95 P&P, with a consistent average speed of 40 Mbps.
  • Simply Fibre 100: Ideal for heavy streamers and gamers, this deal offers an 80 Mbps average speed at £30.99 per month and an additional £8.95 P&P.

Plusnet Broadband

Part of the BT Group, Plusnet has carved out a niche for itself in the UK broadband market by focusing on simplicity, reliability, and excellent customer service. Known for their straightforward approach, Plusnet provides a range of broadband options, including standard ADSL and faster fibre packages. Plusnet’s ADSL broadband offers speeds up to 17 Mbps, catering to basic internet needs, such as browsing and streaming. For those requiring faster internet, Plusnet’s Fibre Broadband is an attractive option, offering speeds up to 66Mbps, ideal for households with multiple users and devices. One of Plusnet’s standout features is its commitment to transparent pricing and no-nonsense contracts. Their packages often come with fixed prices for the contract duration, providing customers with peace of mind and no unexpected price hikes. Plus, with frequent promotional offers, customers can often find a deal that offers excellent value for money. Customer service is another area where Plusnet excels. The provider has consistently been recognized for its high levels of customer satisfaction and support. They offer UK-based customer service, available seven days a week, ensuring that help is always at hand when needed. Plusnet also offers additional perks, such as Plusnet Rewards, which often include cashback or shopping vouchers with certain broadband packages. Furthermore, they provide a flexible home move service, making the process of relocating your broadband connection hassle-free.
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