BT Broadband vs. Sky Broadband - A Side-by-Side Comparison

Sky Broadband Logo
  • Speed: 900Mb Download speed
  • Price: £42.99, 24 month contract
  • Postage & Packaging: £9.99
  • Entertainment: Add Entertainment on BT TV for only £12 a month
  • Phone: No landline phone service
  • Summary: Gigafast speeds with a dedicated fibre connection
  • Gaming: 12 months’ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on us
  • Stayfast: 700Mb Stay Fast Guarantee
  • Upload Speed: 110Mb Upload Speed
Sky Broadband Logo
  • Speed: 500Mb Download speed
  • Price: £32.99, 24 month contract
  • Postage & Packaging: £9.99
  • Entertainment: Add Entertainment on BT TV for only £12 a month
  • Phone: No landline phone service
  • Summary: Ultrafast streaming, gaming and downloading with a dedicated fibre connection into your home
  • Gaming: 6 months’ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on us
  • Stayfast: 425Mb Stay Fast Guarantee
  • Upload Speed: 73Mb Upload Speed

BT Broadband vs. Sky Features

Here’s a quick feature comparison for BT and Sky
Feature Compared BT fibre Sky fibre
↓ Download speeds Up to 900Mbps Up to 900Mbps
↑ Upload speeds Up to 110Mbps Up to 100Mbps
↓ Download Speed (Low) 36Mbps 36Mbps
↓ Download Speed (High) 900Mbps 900Mbps
📶 Network Openreach Openreach

BT vs. Sky Price Comparison

BT and Plusnet actively compete in pricing, striving to attract and retain customers. This rivalry often leads to promotional offers and deals, making the choice between them less about cost differences and more about services and features that suit individual needs. The competition between these two broadband providers keeps the market lively and offers consumers the opportunity to benefit from both cost-effective and customisesd plans.

What’s the Best Package I Can Get on a Budget?

When considering broadband pricing, it can be helpful to look at categories or bands. For those looking at options under £28 per month, Plusnet offers budget-friendly packages without compromising on speed. In the mid-range budget options, BT might provide competitive prices with potentially higher speeds, especially in the £31-£35 and £36-£50 categories. Special promotions and additional services like gaming packages or TV entertainment options can add value to these packages.

If you’re aiming to choose broadband, consider both your budget and speed requirements and be mindful of additional terms and availability in your area to find the best fit for your home.

To sum it up:or budget-conscious consumers, Plusnet’s lower-tier offers might be more appealing. However, if you need a really fast connection of 500-900 Mbps, BT could be the clear winner. Feel free to explore the specific packages and ongoing promotions to find the ideal plan tailored to your needs.

Download and Upload Speed Comparison

One of the most crucial factors in choosing a broadband provider is undoubtedly the speed. Whether it’s streaming high-definition videos, downloading large files, or engaging in real-time online gaming, a faster internet speed ensures a smoother experience.

BT Fibre Speeds

BT offers a wide variety of speed options, ranging from their basic Fibre Essential at 36Mbps to their premium Full Fibre 900Mbps package. With multiple choices in between, BT aims to cater to various needs and budgets. The top speed of 900Mbps provides a significant advantage, especially for those requiring robust connectivity.

PackageUpload SpeedDownload Speed
BT Fibre Essential10 Mbps36 Mbps
BT Fibre 125 Mbps50 Mbps
BT Full Fibre 10030 Mbps150 Mbps
BT Full Fibre 50073 Mbps500 Mbps
BT Full Fibre 900110 Mbps900 Mbps

Sky Fibre Speeds

Sky, too, has ventured into the next-generation fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) market, offering packages like Ultrafast and Gigafast, with speeds up to 900Mbps. However, their selection is more limited when compared to BT, primarily providing three main speed tiers: 61Mbps, 145Mbps, and 500Mbps.

PackageUpload SpeedDownload Speed
Sky Superfast 357-8 Mbps36 Mbps
Sky Superfast19-21 Mbps61 Mbps
Sky Ultrafast28-31 Mbps145 Mbps
Sky Ultrafast Plus56-58 Mbps500 Mbps
Sky Gigafast761 – 908 Mbps900 Mbps

How Does BT Compare with Sky Side-by-Side on Speed?

BT consistently offers higher upload speeds across its packages, while download speeds tend to be more closely matched. The differences in upload speeds between BT and Sky range from around 2-3 Mbps in lower-tier packages to as much as 27 Mbps in the top-tier offerings. In real terms, these higher upload speeds can significantly enhance activities that require data to be sent online, such as video conferencing, online gaming, and file sharing.

PackageUpload SpeedDownload Speed
BT Fibre Essential 🏆 vs. Sky Superfast 3510 Mbps vs. 7-8 Mbps36 Mbps vs. 36 Mbps
BT Fibre 1 🏆 vs. Sky Superfast25 Mbps vs. 19-21 Mbps50 Mbps vs. 61 Mbps
BT Full Fibre 100 🏆 vs. Sky Ultrafast30 Mbps vs. 28-31 Mbps150 Mbps vs. 145 Mbps
Sky Ultrafast Plus vs. BT Full Fibre 500 🏆56-58 Mbps vs. 73 Mbps500 Mbps vs. 500 Mbps
Sky Gigafast vs. BT Full Fibre 900 🏆83 – 97 Mbps vs. 110 Mbps900 Mbps vs. 900 Mbps

Winner: BT 🏆

While both BT and Sky offer up to 900Mbps in download speeds, BT emerges as the winner in this category. The reason lies in its broader selection of packages, starting from a lower threshold, thereby giving customers more flexibility. Additionally, BT’s upload speeds reach up to 110Mbps, which is notably higher than Sky’s maximum of 100Mbps.

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