Virgin Media Big Bundle

A Comprehensive Review

Get a wide selection of TV channels and superfast internet with a TV and broadband deal from Virgin Media.

What is Virgin Media Big Bundle?

Virgin Media’s Big Bundle is its most basic bundle package, but don’t be put off by that. As we’ll explain, there’s a lot to it. It comprises broadband, a phone plan, and TV channels, all wrapped in one package. 

The broadband part of the bundle used to be 132 Mbps (M125), but that’s been upgraded to double the speed with 264 Mbps (M250) broadband, which should make a big difference if you’re a large family with multiple devices.

Then there’s the TV part of Virgin Media’s Big Bundle, which is enabled with the Virgin TV 360 Box. This gives you access to over 100 TV channels, including free-to-air, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema HD, and Netflix. It’s important to note that this package does not include a physical TV, just the set-top box and a subscription to these channels. Virgin Media explicitly states on its website that the ‘hard images are for illustrative purposes only’. 

The phone plan included in the Big Bundle is a great addition. It offers unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines, a feature that can significantly reduce your monthly phone bill. But again, there are restrictions – for instance, calls over 60 minutes will be charged at standard rates.

The big bundle currently costs £33 per month. Considering that the M250 broadband package alone costs £29.99, adding a TV and Phone plan for £3 extra seems a bargain. Don’t forget that it also comes with Priority perks, which give you access to exclusive gigs and 48-hour ticket pre-sales to events across the UK. But do remember to cancel or renew this package before your contract ends because, after 18 months, the monthly cost of the bundle increases to £78 a month.

Big Bundle TV Channels

The Big Bundle package comes a diverse selection of 117 TV channels, including Sky Sports Racing for sports enthusiasts, children’s favorites like Tiny Pop and CBeebies, comprehensive news coverage from BBC News HD and Sky News, a wide array of entertainment channels including BBC One HD, ITV HD, and Dave HD, movie channels such as Great! Movies and Film4 +1, music hits from Clubland TV and 4Music, international content like Al Jazeera English and France 24 English HD, and factual & lifestyle channels including Smithsonian HD and food network, catering to a wide range of interests and audiences.

Category 📚 Big Bundle (117 TV Channels 📺 )
🏅 Sports Sky Sports Racing
👶 Kids Tiny Pop, POP, CBBC HD, CBeebies
📰 News BBC News HD, euronews, CNBC, Bloomberg TV HD, NHK World Japan, Local TV, Sky News, BBC Parliament
🎭 Entertainment W +1, E4 +1, Drama, Yesterday +1, Dave HD, Challenge, PBS America, True Crime +1, ITV 2 +1, ITV HD, BBC One HD, Channel 4 +1, Channel 5 +1, 5Select, Great! TV, Channel 5, DMAX, Yesterday, Drama +1, ITV 3 +1, Sky Mix, BBC One, BBC Two HD, BBC Scotland HD, Channel 4, 5Star, Quest +1, Dave Ja Vu, S4C HD, 5 USA, 4Seven HD, True Crime, Legend, ITV +1, Channel 4 HD, Really, Sky Arts, Quest Red, DMAX +1, Blaze, 5Star +1, 5 USA +1, More 4 +1, Quest HD, ITV 4 +1, ITVBe +1, More 4, BBC Four HD, BBC ALBA, W HD, Haunt TV, Talk TV, E4 Extra, 5 HD, Baywatch, Deal or No Deal, 5Action HD, Fear Factor, BBC Three, History Hit, Homes Under The Hammer, Great British Menu, Inside Crime, Mystery TV, NextUp Live Comedy, Real Wild, Tastemade, The Chat Show Channel, Wipeout Xtra, Legend Xtra, Legend Xtra +1, True Crime Xtra, Love Drama
🎬 Movies Great! Movies Classic, Great! Movies, Talking Pictures TV, Sky Cinema Action, Great! Movies Action, Film4 +1
🎵 Music Clubland TV, Now 90s, Now 80s, 4Music, Now 70s
🌎 International Al Jazeera English, Islam Channel Urdu, Al Jazeera Arabic, France 24 English HD, B4U Music, Islam Channel English, Sony SAB
🔍 Factual & Lifestyle QVC, PBS America, Smithsonian HD, Gems TV, HGTV, God Channel, Ideal World, QVC Beauty, Together TV, TJC, QVC Style, food network, Create & Craft

What Entertainment Options Does the Big Bundle Offer?

With 73 entertainment channels the Big Bundle package span a wide array of genres, catering to diverse tastes and interests of viewers. These channels cover everything from drama and comedy to reality TV and classic television, ensuring there’s something for everyone. High-definition (HD) options for many channels, such as BBC One HD, Channel 4 HD, and Dave HD, provide viewers with a high-quality viewing experience, enhancing the enjoyment of their favourite shows.

Among the entertainment offerings are dedicated channels, such as “Drama” and “Love Drama“. Comedy enthusiasts have plenty to choose from with channels like “E4 +1” and “Dave HD” which often feature sitcoms, stand-up specials, and sketch shows. For those interested in reality TV and lifestyle programs, channels like “Real Wild” and “Tastemade” offer a mix of adventure, cooking, and home improvement shows. Additionally, unique and niche interests are served by channels like “History Hit” and “PBS America“, which provide educational and documentary-style programming, allowing viewers to explore various subjects in depth.

The inclusion of channels like “Sky Arts” and “Quest Red” further broadens the spectrum of entertainment, offering arts programming and investigative documentaries, respectively. This diversity not only caters to the wide range of viewer preferences but also ensures that different demographics can find content that resonates with them, whether they’re interested in arts, history, science, or pop culture. Moreover, the package’s mix of +1 channels and HD options allows for flexible viewing schedules, ensuring that audiences do not miss out on their favorite programs due to timing conflicts. Overall, the entertainment category within the Big Bundle package is designed to provide a comprehensive and varied viewing experience, catering to the eclectic tastes of a broad audience.

Virgin Media Big Bundle Entertainment Channels Infographic

73 Entertainment Channels

What is Virgin TV 360 Box?

If you’re in the market for both high-speed internet and a home phone line, Virgin Media’s combined broadband and phone deals offer a variety of options. Their network provides speeds up to 1.1Gbps, which is a significant step up from the standard part-fibre offerings. Plus, the convenience of bundling these services can sometimes be more cost-effective than purchasing them separately.

Each package comes with the Weekend chatter plan, which allows unlimited calls to UK landlines on weekends. If you’re also an O2 customer, you’ll enjoy added benefits like Priority at no extra cost. Keep in mind that from April 2025, the monthly price will see an increase based on the Retail Price Index rate of inflation plus an additional percentage.

Virgin Media’s broadband and phone deals start at an average download speed of 54Mbps for £28 per month, with options scaling up to 1.1Gbps for those needing higher bandwidth. Each plan comes with an 18-month contract and no setup fee, making it a straightforward choice for those wanting to connect and chat without fuss.

Big Bundle TV

8 Key Features of Virgin Media Broadband & TV Packages

99.86 Uptime - Virgin Media

99.86% Uptime

Virgin Media is an award-winning network with a reported 99.86% uptime. If a stable and speedy internet connection tops your list of must-haves, Virgin's gigabit speeds and intelligent WiFi technology are designed to ensure your online activities are seamless.

Box 360 Virgin Media Broadband Service

Box 360 TV Service

For TV enthusiasts, Virgin Media steps up the game with its TV 360 box, which is 4K-ready, ensuring your viewing experience is not just contemporary but future-proof. The inclusion of a voice control remote simplifies the search process, making it easier to find and enjoy your favourite shows.

Virgin TV Box 360 X 6 Record Feature

Record Up to 6 Channels at Once

With the ability to record up to six programs simultaneously without disrupting your live TV viewing experience, the 360 box caters to households with diverse viewing preferences, ensuring no one misses their favourite shows.

Priority from O2 - Virgin Media

Priority from O2

A unique feature of Virgin Media is its collaboration with O2, offering the Priority scheme to its customers. This scheme is not just an add-on but a comprehensive package of daily treats, unique experiences, and prize draws, exclusively available to Virgin Media customers.

Who is the Big Bundle For?

The Big Bundle, featuring M125 Fibre Broadband, is an ideal choice for busy households (connecting 5 to 9 devices simultaneously) that demand fast and reliable internet connectivity. With a network reliability of 99.89% and average speeds of 132 Mbps for downloads and 20 Mbps for uploads, it significantly outpaces the standard 100Mbps broadband offerings. This enhanced speed ensures that multiple users can engage in high-bandwidth activities—such as streaming high-definition videos, playing online games, and participating in video conferences—without experiencing lag or interruptions.

Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, or computers, each device’s online activities are supported smoothly and efficiently. This broadband package is particularly suited for families or shared accommodations where internet usage is high and varied across different types of online activities.

Who is M125 Big Bundle For
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