Global Internet Speed Rankings 2024

About The Global Internet Speed Rankings

We’ve collated two authoritative sets of data on Global Speed Rankings. Where figures vary between the datasets we’ve added them and divided them by 2 to get an average. Some of the figures only originate from one of the two sets, making it difficult to get an entirely accurate reading. This data however should be looked at as only indicative rankings, not a definitive answer on the speed of each country or territory.

Interactive Map of Global Internet Speed Averages

Top 10 Fastest Internet Speeds by Country

Below are the top 10 fastest countries in terms of their average broadband speed. We’ve combined the datasets from Ookla and Mlab (the data used by Cable in their Worldwide Speed League). Some countries appear in the rankings of both datasets, and others don’t. Notably, Cable has excluded countries with less than 100 tests – more on their methodology here. To help balance discrepancies in the rankings we’ve given the average figure for the countries that appear in both the Ookla and Mlab tests and retained the figures where only one dataset has them in the rankings. 

It should be noted that while Ookla ranks the UAE as the fastest country in the world at a nippy average of 324.92 Kbps, the Cable tests find a much lower average of 43.62 Kbps, bringing the total EUA speed in our adjusted rankings to position 5.  

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