Fibrus Broadband - Full Fibre 1000


  1. What Is Fibrus Full Fibre 1000 Fibre Broadband?
  2. How Do the Fibre Broadband Packages Compare?
  3. What’s Included in Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 1000?

Download Speed

946 Mbps

Upload Speed

300 Mbps

Cost Per Month


Contract Length

12 Months

What is Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 1000?

Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 1000 is the 2nd to top tier of Fibrus home user packages with average download speeds of 946 Mbps. It’s a strong contender with packages very similar gigabyte fibre packages like BT Full Fibre 900 and Sky Gig1. With an upload speed of 300 Mbps it’s also very comparable to the market leader offerings – BT’s Full Fibre 900 uploads at , and Sky’s Gig 1 at 

The cost of Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 1000 is also very favourable. As part of the Black Friday deal at an affordable  £34.99 with a £100 free Amazon voucher and 24-month contract (the same length as BT contracts – Sky is 18 months). It might outside the budget for fibre broadband but consider that BT’s matching package (Full Fibre 900) costs £49.99  making it fantastic value for money with all things considered.

Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 1000

How Fast is Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 1000?

Fibrus Broadband Slider

What Does the Package Included?

Feature Description
Price £34.99 per month
Download Speed 946Mbps average
Upload Speed 300Mbps average
Broadband Type Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
Home Phone Options Optional: £9.99/mth for digital phone line with anytime calls
Parental Controls Router-level parental controls
Router Model eero Pro 6E router
Packages Available Broadband, Broadband and phone
Contract Length 24 months
Wi-Fi Coverage High-quality coverage with Amazon eero routers; additional eero routers available
Special Offers £100 Amazon Gift Card + No mid-contract price rises
Customer Support UK-based customer service

What are the Key Features?

Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)

Fibrus Full Fibre 1000 provides fibre directly to your premises (home or office), ensuring a high-quality and efficient broadband connection with the ultrafast speeds offered by the latest FTTP technology.

Competitive Speeds at an Affordable Price

The Full Fibre 1000 package boasts an average download speed of 946Mbps, enabling extremely fast online activities like streaming 4K content, competitive online gaming, and rapid large file downloads.

Detailed Package Features

Key specifications of the Fibrus Full Fibre 1000 package:
  • Price: £34.99 per month
  • Download Speed: 946Mbps average
  • Upload Speed: 300Mbps average
  • Broadband Type: Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
  • Router: eero Pro 6E router
  • Contract Length: 24 months

Download Speed

With an average download speed of 946Mbps, the Full Fibre 1000 package allows users to download high-definition content almost instantaneously and supports seamless streaming and gaming experiences. Speeds may vary based on various factors.

Upload Speed

The package’s 300Mbps upload speed facilitates quick sharing of large files, making it ideal for content creators and professionals working with high-resolution media.

Parental Controls

Fibrus offers advanced router-level parental controls, allowing parents to manage internet access and ensure a safer online environment for children.

ibrus Full Fibre 1000 FAQs

A: It costs £34.99 per month​​.
A: The package offers 946Mbps average download speed and 300Mbps upload speed​​.
A: No, there is no setup fee​​.
A: It offers a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) broadband connection​​.
A: Yes, a digital phone line with anytime calls is available for an additional £9.99 per month​​.
A: The contract length is 24 months​​.
  1. A: Yes, there is an offer of a £100 Amazon Gift Card with the package​​.

A: As of August 2023, Fibrus has passed over 300,000 homes, primarily in Northern Ireland​​.
Q: What are the Ethernet capabilities of the eero Pro 6E router?
A: Fibrus offers competitive pricing and faster speeds, particularly in rural areas, compared to many other providers​​.
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