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  1. What Is Fibrus Full Fibre 100 Fibre Broadband?
  2. How Do Fibrus Broadband Packages Compare?
  3. How Fast is Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 100?
  4. What’s Included in Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 100 Package?

Download Speed

97 Mbps

Upload Speed

30 Mbps

Cost Per Month


Contract Length

24 Months

What is Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 100?

Fibrus Broadband’s Full Fibre 100 is the entry-level tier for Fibrus home users. It has an average download speed of 96 Mbps and an average upload speed of 30 Mbps. As part of the Black Friday deal, it’s currently available at £14.99 with a £50 free Amazon voucher for a 24-month contract. That’s fantastic value considering the likes of BT are around double that price (£32.99) for roughly the same speed. BT does come with far more customisations, but you need to ask yourself how many of these are needed.  

You’ll find that most household needs, including activities like 4K streaming and remote working, will be fine with this (see our speed demonstration tool below). In fact, the package is particularly well-suited for busy households (e.g. families who do a bit of surfing the web and a bit of gaming here and there). Where it starts to slow down is for households with very high internet usage.

The Full Fibre 100 package, as part of Fibrus’s offerings, comes with the Eero 6+ router (part of the Amazon Mesh WIFI systems) which is great on performance and can be supplemented with additional Eero routers for an extra fee if needed. It’s useful for expanding the range of the home network.


How Fast is Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 100?

Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 100 Slider

What's Included with M125 Fibre Broadband?

Feature Tell me more about it…
Price £14.99 per month (Black Friday deal with £50 Amazon voucher)
Download Speed 96Mbps average
Upload Speed 30Mbps average
Broadband Type Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
Home Phone Options Optional add-on available
Parental Controls Amazon eero app-based controls
Router Model Eero 6+ router (part of Amazon Mesh WIFI systems)
Contract Length 24 months
Wi-Fi Coverage High-quality coverage with Amazon eero routers
Special Offers Black Friday deal with £50 Amazon voucher; no mid-contract price rises
Customer Support Locally-based customer service team

What are the Key Features of Fibrus Broadband Full Fibre 100?

Fibrus Full Fibre 100 provides fibre directly to your premises (home or office), ensuring a high-quality and efficient broadband connection without the inconsistencies introduced by older cabling systems.

Competitive Speeds at an Affordable Price

The Full Fibre 100 package offers an average download speed of 96Mbps, making it suitable for streaming HD content, online gaming, and downloading large files.

Detailed Package Features

Key specifications of the Fibrus Full Fibre 100 package include:

  • Price: £14.99 per month for 24 months, then £39.99
  • Download Speed: 96Mbps
  • Upload Speed: [To be updated]
  • Broadband Type: Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
  • Router: Amazon eero 6+ or eero Pro 6E
  • Contract Length: 24 months
  • No setup fee
  • Unlimited usage
  • Home phone not included (optional add-on available)

Download Speed

With 96Mbps download speed, users can download high-definition content and engage in seamless online activities. Speeds may vary based on various factors.

Upload Speed

The upload speed for Full Fibre 100 ensures efficient content sharing online. Exact speed details need to be updated.

Router and Additional Benefits

Customers receive an Amazon eero 6+ or eero Pro 6E router. Fibrus offers no mid-contract price rises, a contract buy-out option, Amazon eero app-based parental controls, and UK-based customer support.

Parental Controls

The package includes Amazon eero app-based parental controls, enabling a safer online experience for children.

Installing Fibrus Broadband...

Installation of Fibrus Broadband services, including the Full Fibre 100, involves setting up a direct line from the street to the house, as Fibrus operates its own network. The installation process is variable depending on the complexity and the area (urban or rural). Urban installations generally take around 10 days, while rural areas might require about 20 days. This process can include additional property surveys or checks, and in some cases, may require civil engineering or excavation work to lay down the cabling optimally. Fibrus aims to minimise disruption during this process and keeps customers informed of any delays or necessary additional work.

Virgin Media M125 Fibre Broadband FAQs

A: The package starts from £14.99 per month​​.
A: The package offers 96Mbps average download speed and 30Mbps upload speed​​.
A: No, there is no setup cost for this package​​.
A: It offers a full fibre (FTTP) broadband connection​​.
A: Yes, a home phone option is available for an additional £9.99 per month​​.
A: The package includes an Amazon eero 6+ router​​.
A: Yes, there is a WiFi guarantee at £7.99 per eero router​​.
A: Yes, it includes router-level parental controls​​.
A: It offers higher speeds compared to many standard broadband options, suitable for 4K streaming, remote working, and more​​.
A: After the contract, the price starts from £39.99​​.
A: No, there are no mid-contract price rises for this package​​.
A: Yes, the phone plan includes unlimited anytime calls to UK and Ireland fixed line and mobile numbers​​.
A: Yes, Fibrus specifically aims to connect rural areas, though they have a growing presence in urban areas as well​​​​.
A: Installation time varies, with urban installations averaging around 10 days and rural areas around 20 days​​.
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