Is Plusnet Any Good?

A Good Look at Plusnet Broadband

Our Overall Thoughts

Would we Recommended It? Yes ✅ – Excelling in cost-effectiveness, Plusnet’s Full Fibre 74 package is more affordable than Sky’s Superfast 35, offering double the speed for £10 less. At the high-end spectrum, Plusnet’s Full Fibre 900, priced at £35.99/month, offers a more economical choice compared to Sky’s equivalent. With its competitive speeds, absence of download limits, and commendable customer service, Plusnet stands out for its exceptional value.
Comparing Plusnet with Sky Broadband, distinct differences emerge, each suiting various consumer needs. Here’s a closer look.

Speed and Pricing

Plusnet’s selection of full fibre packages is extensive, with speeds ranging from 74 Mbps on ADSL to 900 Mbps Full Fibre. Their pricing is highly competitive, starting at £24.99/month for the Full Fibre 74 package and going up to £41.99/month for the Full Fibre 900 package. In contrast, Sky Broadband’s speed offerings vary from the slower 36Mbps in their Superfast 35 plan to the swift 900Mbps in the Gigafast plan. Sky’s pricing, often influenced by promotional offers, can fluctuate, like the Ultrafast plan (145 Mbps) currently at £29/month, reduced from £38.

Contracts and Extras

Like its parent company BT, Plusnet typically binds customers to a 24-month contract, offering reward cards with some packages. Plusnet leans towards simple, budget-friendly broadband services, notably offering full fibre packages without the need for a phone line (broadband only). Sky Broadband opts for 18-month contracts, lending more flexibility to their customers. They frequently bundle additional features, such as the Wall-to-Wall WiFi Guarantee.

Overall Offering

As a part of the BT Group, Plusnet is celebrated for its budget-friendly services and customer-oriented approach, making it a prime choice for those looking to balance cost and quality. On the other hand, Sky Broadband, with a wider array of services including TV and mobile options, caters to those seeking comprehensive service bundles from a single provider.

Our Verdict

For those in search of an economical, reliable, and high-speed internet service, Plusnet is a standout choice. Operating under the BT Group umbrella, Plusnet differentiates itself with its straightforward, no-frills broadband services, whereas Sky Broadband offers more varied services and flexible contract options. The decision largely depends on individual requirements for speed, cost, and extra services. For a more in-depth comparison and the latest offerings, visiting Plusnet and Sky Broadband’s websites is recommended.
Is Plusnet Any Good

A Quick Comparison of Plusnet vs BT

Feature Plusnet Broadband Sky Broadband
ADSL Availability Yes (10Mbps) Yes
Fibre Speed Range 36-900Mbps 59-145Mbps
Unlimited Data Yes Yes
Upload Speed Range 10-50Mbps 16-19Mbps
Price Range (Monthly) £18.99-£35.99 £25-£55
TV Options No Various Sky TV Packages
Home Phone Requirement Optional Optional
Router Options Hub Zero, One, Two Sky Hub, Sky Q Hub
Broadband Extras Plusnet Perks Sky Wi-Fi Guarantee, Sky Broadband Boost
Performance Rating Varies by region Varies by region
Customer Service Good Ratings Good Ratings
Security & Parental Controls Basic Advanced with Sky Broadband Shield
Sources: ISP Websites, Independent Reviews, User Feedback

Plusnet Awards

Plusnet, a well-known broadband provider in the UK, has garnered significant recognition over the years for its services. This acclaim is not just for their competitive pricing and product offerings but also for their customer service. The array of awards won by Plusnet highlights their standing in the industry and reflects their commitment to providing quality service.

Awards Achieved in 2023

Large Broadband Provider of the Year 2023 (Uswitch): This award, determined by public choice, underscores Plusnet’s popularity and customer satisfaction in a competitive market.
Most Reliable Broadband Provider (Choose Broadband Awards 2023): Winning this for the second consecutive year, it emphasizes Plusnet’s consistent performance and reliability.

Best Overall and Best Customer Service (Silver Awards at Choose Broadband Awards 2023): These accolades suggest a balance in Plusnet’s overall service delivery and customer support.

Broadband Genie Awards 2023: Here, Plusnet secured recognition for ‘Best Value for Money’ and ‘Best Provider’, indicating their market competitiveness in terms of pricing and service quality.

Recognition in Previous Years

Expert Review Awards 2022: Plusnet swept awards for Best Broadband, Best Value, and Best Customer Service, showcasing their all-around competency in the broadband sector.

Most Reliable Broadband Provider (Choose Awards 2022): Repeating their success, Plusnet continued to maintain high-reliability standards.

Uswitch Awards 2022: They were Highly Commended for Most Popular Broadband Provider, further solidifying their reputation among customers.

A Consistent Record of Customer Service
The company has won a total of 34 customer service awards since its inception in 1997. This long-standing record highlights their enduring commitment to customer satisfaction.

In 2021, Plusnet won four major trophies at the awards, including Broadband Provider of the Year and Best Provider for Customer Service for the eighth consecutive year. This achievement is a significant indicator of their dedication to their customers.

Implications for Customers
These awards are more than just accolades for Plusnet; they signify a reliable and customer-focused approach in their broadband services. For consumers, this means engaging with a provider that has a proven track record of quality service, reliability, and excellent customer support.

Plusnet’s array of awards and recognitions serve as indicators for potential customers seeking a trustworthy and competent broadband provider. Their consistent performance, as evidenced by the awards, suggests that they are a viable choice for those prioritizing reliability and customer service in their broadband selection.

Plusnet Awards


Plusnet is a good deal in terms of pricing compared with their primary competitors, BT and Virgin Media. While their customer service ratings are high, the broadband service delivered has lower speed test ratings (#10 compared with BT's #2 and Virgin's #1).
Plusnet is, by any measure, one of the best value broadband providers. Its standard broadband and fibre packages come in well under most rival suppliers' packages of comparable speed. Which means it's a really good bet if you're on a tight budget. Or if you just want to make sure you don't overpay for your broadband.15 Nov 2023
Full Fibre isn't available everywhere yet, but Plusnet is expanding its coverage. You can check availability in your area using Plusnet's broadband postcode checker on their website​​.
The Full Fibre package is broadband-only, so you won't need a phone line. If you currently have a landline, it will be disconnected as part of your Full Fibre installation​​.
The switch can take 3-10 working days. If you already have a Full Fibre connection, activation can be done remotely within 3 days. If a new connection is needed, an engineer visit might be required, which could take up to 10 days​​​​.
Plusnet provides the Hub 2 router with its Full Fibre 900 package. This router has been reported to handle full fibre download speeds effectively and offers a consistent and strong Wi-Fi signal​​.
Reviews indicate that the Plusnet Hub 2 router performs well with consistent ping and reliable Wi-Fi signal coverage across a typical home, including outdoor areas like gardens​​.
Over Wi-Fi, users typically experience download speeds between 500-700 Mbps and upload speeds of 100-115 Mbps. With an Ethernet connection, speeds can reach 900-950 Mbps for downloads and 100-115 Mbps for uploads​​.
Plusnet's customer service is generally well-regarded. They are known for being helpful and are UK-based. According to Ofcom data, the average response time for phone calls is around two minutes​​.
Plusnet Full Fibre 900 is considered to offer good value, especially given the high download speeds. Though not the cheapest, it's competitively priced for the level of service provided​​.
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