BT Full Fibre Review - A Comprehensive Analysis for 2023

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If you’re looking for independent BT Full Fibre Reviews on Google and struggling to find them, you’re not alone. Surprisingly they are few and far between and often buried in forums and community threads and social media.

This article takes the hard work out of it by providing summaries of reviews and links to sources like Trust Pilot, Ofcom research, and BT’s own channels – Facebook, Twitter and BT Community and various independent reports and reviews. In particular, it tries to balance the reviews with hard statistics that help see BT full reviews and BT full fibre reviews in perspective. So let’s get started.

BT Full Fibre Review

Reviews in Context – the UK Broadband Market Share

Marketshare is important because it helps understand website reviews as a proportion of the wider broadband market. As of May 2023, the UK has around 28 million fixed-line broadband connections, with the lion’s share of this market being dominated by four key players: BT Group, Sky, Virgin Media, and TalkTalk. Collectively, these providers cater to around 85% of the UK’s broadband consumers. However, this dominance has begun to be challenged with the entry of independent full fibre networks and the growth of smaller resellers such as Vodafone, Shell Energy Broadband, and NOW (formerly known as Now TV is a subscription over-the-top internet television service that the Sky Group actually operates).

Let’s take a more detailed look at the market shares:

ProviderSubscriber numbers (Est. 2023)Market Share (Est. 2023)
BT (inc. PlusNet, EE)9,000,00032.14%
Sky Broadband UK5,700,00020.36%
Virgin Media (inc. O2)5,682,60020.29%
Vodafone UK1,223,0004.37%
Shell Energy595,0002.12%
Zen Internet175,0000.63%

Source: ISP Review

The UK broadband market continues to be largely controlled by key players, yet a closer look at recent figures reveals interesting dynamics.

Topping the chart, the BT Group – which incorporates BT, PlusNet, and EE – boasts an estimated 9 million customers, holding a significant market share of 32.14%. This dominance notwithstanding, the company has been the subject of substantial criticism over its “Full Fibre” product, underscoring the importance of customer satisfaction in maintaining this lead.

Sky Broadband UK has carved out its niche as the second largest broadband provider, serving about 5.7 million customers and holding 20.36% of the market. Virgin Media, now part of VMO2, is not far behind with approximately 5.68 million customers and a 20.29% market share.

The last big player is TalkTalk, which operates on-net and reaches around 4.2 million customers, equating to a 15% market share. Despite their significant shares, these leading providers have faced market contraction over the past years, indicating possible shifts in customer preference or competitive landscape.

Emerging from the crowd of smaller providers, Vodafone UK has made a notable impact with its 1.22 million customer base, capturing 4.37% of the market. Other providers, including Shell Energy, Glide, Hyperoptic, Zen Internet, and KCOM, although managing smaller subscriber bases, have nonetheless carved out respective niches, holding market shares ranging from 2.12% to 0.49%.

While BT’s market leadership is unquestionable, the criticism surrounding its “Full Fibre” offering highlights a critical challenge for the company. Despite this, a considerable number of customers remain with BT, suggesting that the product’s issues do not outweigh the benefits, or that compelling alternatives are lacking.

Where Can I Find More Reviews on BT Full Fibre?

Researching customer reviews is an effective way to gauge the quality of a service. For prospective BT customers, or existing customers looking to upgrade their service, there are several resources available to find reviews and experiences of BT’s Full Fibre broadband. Here are some of the most useful platforms:

Community Forums

Community Forums

Community forums are a valuable resource for customer experiences. Platforms such as the BT Community Forum, Reddit, or MoneySavingExpert Forum are places where customers share their experiences, troubleshoot common issues, and often share tips and advice on getting the most out of BT’s Full Fibre service. These are often unfiltered opinions, providing a realistic picture of the service.
BT Community Discussions
Review Sites

Independent Review Sites

Review sites such as Trustpilot,, and Review Centre have a vast number of reviews for BT’s Full Fibre broadband. These sites allow users to share detailed experiences and rate the service on various parameters like speed, reliability, customer service, and value for money.
BT Trustpilot Reviews
Social Media

BT Website and Social Media

Social media platforms offer a wealth of user-generated content, including reviews and feedback on BT’s Full Fibre service. Check out BT’s official pages on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can find customer reviews, comments, and discussions about their experiences with the service. Moreover, these platforms often facilitate direct interaction with the company for queries and support.
Twitter Followers

Trustpilot Reviews of BT's "Full Fibre"

Trustpilot always need to be looked at in context. They should be taken as genuine reviews and Trust Pilot does a lot of work in the background to ensure that they are. But even so, Trust Pilots’ own research in why people write reviews shows that:

“consumers are more inclined to write reviews when the experience they’ve had strikes an emotional chord, whether positive or negative. If a consumer has had a very poor experience, they’ll write a review in order to vent frustration and anger, especially if they feel personally mistreated or wronged.”

Filtering Searches for BT Full Fibre Reviews

Keeping that in mind, at the time of writing, there were 14,288 Trust Pilot Reviews on BT. That’s roughly 0.2% of all UK BT broadband customers (14,288 is approx. 0.159% of 9 million). But that figure is all BT customers, and not broadband specifically. The only way to distinguish those reviews is to filter them – and you can do this using Trust Pilot’s handy keyword filter feature which is well worth trying yourself. If you do you’ll notice a much smaller figure – searching for “fibre” (1107 reviews in our research), and for “full fibre” (177 reviews). Narrow it down further and there are just a handful of reviews about specific packages Full Fibre 100 (0.13%), Full Fibre 500 (0.08%), and Full Fibre 900 (0.11%). Note, you’ll need to you boolean quotation marks if you use more than one word in the Trust Pilot search filter.

Filtering Trustpilot Reviews Total Percentage of All Reviews (%)
All Reviews 14,288 100.00%
Broadband 4,823 33.75%
Fibre 1,107 7.75%
“Full Fibre” 177 1.24%
“Full Fibre 100” 19 0.13%
“Full Fibre 500” 12 0.08%
“Full Fibre 900” 16 0.11%

What do the reviews say about BT Full Fibre?

Not too surprisingly, the Trustpilot reviews are overwhelmingly negative. You’ll note that 87% of all BT reviews are negative. The same pattern follows for Broadband, Fibre, Full Fibre and individual fibre packages.

Here’s a summary of the of those reviews with key points about how customers felt:

General Fibre Reviews:

While there were some positive experiences. Some customers seem to praise BT’s customer service for going above and beyond to help them out.

  • BT Full Fibre Performance Issues: Multiple users have expressed disappointment with the performance of BT’s Full Fibre service, stating it doesn’t cover their entire house and even standing near the router doesn’t improve the signal. Some of these customers were told they need to pay additional costs to receive a booster for full coverage.
  • Service and Speed Complaints: A number of reviewers complained about the speed of their internet connection during peak times and the lack of full fibre coverage in all areas, despite BT’s promises. Some customers also expressed frustration with the disparity of the internet speed they’re getting compared to what they’re paying for.
  • Customer Service Issues: Some customers were not satisfied with the level of service they received from BT, citing difficulties in getting their issues resolved and the company’s lack of responsibility for certain problems. Complaints also highlighted poor communication, particularly regarding the switchover to Digital Voice and Full Fibre services.
  • Issues with Contract and Pricing: There were grievances related to BT’s pricing policy and issues arising from contract renewal. Some reviewers felt ‘ripped off’ when they weren’t connected to Full Fibre despite paying more for it, and others were frustrated with unexpected price increases or charges.
  • Installation and Technician Issues: Complaints about the installation process and the service provided by technicians were common. Some customers experienced issues such as delayed or incorrect installations and poor communication from BT about these issues. There was even an instance of a customer’s house getting flooded due to an error during installation.

BT’s Response to Customers’ Complaints:

BT’s responses overall seem to demonstrate an effort to acknowledge and resolve customers’ complaints. Of the 1107 fibre mentions, there are 506 responses (46%) by BT showing a good level of feedback. However, their general approach involved directing customers to other platforms for further assistance.

  • Offering Help and Support: The responses showed an acknowledgement of the customers’ complaints, whether they were about service quality, performance, or customer support. In all cases, BT’s responses offered help to the customers. They provided instructions for the customers to get in touch via their social media channels for further assistance.
  • Directing to Social Media Channels: BT repeatedly directed customers to reach out to their support teams on their Twitter (@BT_UK) or Facebook (BT) pages.
  • Referring to Community Support: In some instances, BT referred customers to the BT Community at for help and support. While BT was responsive, the responses were often generic and didn’t provide a detailed solution to the customers’ specific problems.

Compare BT Full Fibre Broadband 63 Mbps

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Full Fibre 100 Reviews

Trust Pilot Reviews

It’s important to note that these points are specific to the Full Fibre 100 service and not general comments about BT as a company or about other services they provide. Also, these are personal accounts and cannot be taken to be representative of all users. What they should do though is serve as Q&A if you’re looking to start a BT full fibre broadband contract. When you speak to customer representatives at BT ensure the same things do happen and that there is an assurance or guarantee that they do not happen to you over the course of your contract. Here’s a link to the individual accounts and an interpretive summary of those views below:

  • Unreliable service: Several users reported unreliable and inconsistent broadband service. Despite paying for Full Fibre 100, many users experienced significantly lower speeds than expected, frequent disconnections, and instances of “WiFi connected without internet”.
  • Difficult installation process: Some customers found the installation process for the Full Fibre 100 service to be problematic, with missed engineer appointments, unexplained order cancellations, and generally poor communication about installation timelines.
  • Overcharging and unclear billing: There was at least one report of a customer being charged more than the agreed amount for the Full Fibre 100 package.
  • Problematic upgrades: Users who attempted to upgrade to Full Fibre 100 from a different service encountered problems, including inexplicable order cancellations and difficulties in completing the online checkout process.
  • Issues with bundled services: One user reported a problem with a bundled service (Full Fibre 100 and BT Sport TV), where they were charged separately for the broadband and TV service despite an agreement that showed the TV part costing £0.

BT Community Forum

The BT Community Forum is an online platform provided by BT where prospective, new and existing customers can interact with each other, share experiences, ask questions, and provide solutions related to BT’s services. This can include a wide range of topics, such as broadband connectivity, mobile services, BT Sport, email, and more. Here’s a flavour of the discussions on two threads:

  • Technical Aspects of Full Fibre 100 Service: this thread looks at the feasibility of using a standard Ethernet Cat6 10 or 15m patch cable to connect the Fibre Modem and the Smart Hub 2 under BT’s Full Fibre 100 broadband service. Expert contributors confirm this is possible and offer advice to the user about how they can best set up their connection.
  • Speed Limitations in Full Fibre 100 Service: in this thread, a user expresses concerns about receiving only 100Mbps speeds on a service advertised with potential speeds of 150Mbps. Following several exchanges of ideas on potential causes, it is revealed that the ethernet cables being used by the user aren’t capable of supporting gigabit speeds. By using a different cable, the user successfully achieves higher speeds, resolving their concern.

Full Fibre 500 Reviews

Trust Pilot Reviews

Positive Reviews

  • High Speed Experiences: Unlike the lower tier packages, some customers of BT’s Full Fibre 500 praised the reliability and speed of BT’s broadband service. Users reported high download speeds and overall reliable service, leading to a positive user experience.
  • Customer Service: Positive reviews highlighted good experiences with BT’s customer service during the broadband renewal process. Customers appreciated the proactive communication of BT representatives informing them about new offers.
  • Flexibility: Users commended BT’s flexible TV package that allows for upgrades or downgrades as needed. The equipment also remains with the customer after the contract, reducing long-term costs.

Negative Reviews:

For the Full Fibre 500 package reviews for BT on Trustpilot they reveal a range of issues from customers regarding their experiences with the company’s broadband services. There are common themes across these reviews, which can be summarised as follows:

  • Price Disparity and Perceived Lack of Loyalty Reward: A significant number of customers express frustration with BT’s pricing model, noting the substantial price difference between what is offered to new customers versus existing ones. They feel that long-standing customers should not be paying significantly more than new customers for the same service.
  • Installation and Service Issues: There are multiple instances where customers report issues with installation appointments, such as technicians failing to arrive as scheduled. Furthermore, some users have experienced problems with the transition from old to new services, with one customer’s existing service being cut off before the new one was fully installed.
  • Quality and Performance Issues: Several customers note dissatisfaction with the actual performance of their broadband service, often stating that the speeds achieved are significantly less than the advertised “up to” speeds. Some customers indicate a lack of understanding of why these advertised speeds can’t be achieved, suggesting that BT needs to do more to educate customers about the variables affecting internet speeds.
  • Customer Service Complaints: There are numerous instances where customers feel let down by BT’s customer service. Complaints range from being given misleading or inaccurate information, to difficulty in making contact and resolving issues. Some customers also express frustration with perceived “canned” responses on the Trustpilot platform, indicating that they do not feel heard or valued.
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