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Fibrus Eero

What is Fibrus eero?

The eero router is a key component of Fibrus’s broadband service, but is more than just a router; it’s a fully intergrated WIFI hub. It uses a mesh Wi-Fi system, utilising the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, to provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi throughout the home. This system is capable of supporting up to 75 devices simultaneously, which let’s be honest is more than the average user, so you should be covered.

Fibrus offers a range of Full Fibre packages, including Full Fibre 100, 300, 1000, and 2000. Depending on the package, customers will receive either the eero 6+ or the eero Pro 6e router. Each of these routers is designed to provide exceptional Wi-Fi coverage, ensuring super quick broadband speeds, efficient coverage, and a reliable connection throughout the home.

How Does the eero Match up to Each Package?

The Full Fibre 100 plan (96 Mbps) is not just great for general browsing, it’s also highly efficient for streaming in HD and UHD, as well as good for online gaming.

Moving upward, the Full Fibre 300 plan, at 286Mbps speed, gives you a bit more wriggle room enabling seamless streaming of ultra-high-definition (4K) content and supporting more devices simultaneously. This plan is great for busy households with multiple internet users.

At the pinnacle of Fibrus’s offerings are the Full Fibre 1000 and Full Fibre 2000 plans. Full FIbre 1000 has a whopping 946Mbps, and to be fair it’s only for the most demanding online activities, including 4K streaming, extensive online gaming, and rapid file downloads, all at the same time, without any compromise in speed or reliability. Most households should be fine with the 100 or 300 package.

So How does the eero tie into this?

Depending on which package you get, you’ll either get Amazon eero 6+ or eero Pro 6E routers. These routers employ the use latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, ensuring a robust and far-reaching Wi-Fi signal throughout the home. For plans like Full Fibre 300 and Full Fibre 1000, Fibrus provides two routers, using intelligent mesh technology to amplify the wireless signal, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage even in larger homes.

This infrastructure translates into an internet experience where buffering becomes obsolete, and users can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted online experience. The high-speed connectivity offered by Fibrus not only caters to the current needs of its users but is also forward-looking, ensuring that as the number of connected devices and the demand for higher bandwidths increase, their network remains capable and efficient.

Reasons to Consider Fibrus Broadband

Comprehensive Full Fibre Speeds

Fibrus broadband provides a range of full fibre packages. These packages offer speeds from 96 Mbps to 1.95 Gbps, catering to high-definition streaming and efficient remote work needs, including in many rural areas.

Competitive Pricing

Starting at £14.99 per month, Fibrus offers affordable options in the broadband market. This price range, coupled with its high-speed internet service, presents a viable option for consumers seeking cost-effective internet solutions.

State-of-the-Art Router Technology

Fibrus broadband deals include the Amazon eero 6 router. Depending on the package, customers receive either the eero 6+ or the eero Pro 6e router, both offering mesh wifi systems for consistent home internet coverage.

Value-Added Services

Fibrus provides additional services at reasonable prices. The Fibrus Talk package, at £9.99 per month, includes unlimited calls within the UK and Ireland. Customers can also enhance their Wi-Fi coverage with extra eero routers, available for a monthly fee.

Dedicated Customer Support

Fibrus has earned a high rating on TrustPilot for customer support. Not included in Ofcom’s annual reports due to its smaller size, TrustPilot ratings indicate strong customer satisfaction.

Guaranteed Price Stability

Fibrus promises no price increases during the 24-month contract term, offering customers financial consistency and peace of mind.

Support for Switching Customers

Fibrus assists customers switching from other providers with a contract buyout option, facilitating a smoother transition to their services.

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