BT vs. Plusnet Broadband - Which is Better?

BT and Plusnet may be part of the same corporate family, with BT being Plusnet’s parent company, but their broadband packages present entirely different propositions. This comparison looks at both brands to try and understand their unique features and benefits, to help you understand what each has to offer.
BT vs. Plusnet

BT Broadband vs. Plusnet Broadband

Here’s a quick feature comparison of how BT and Plusnet stack up
Feature Compared BT fibre Plusnet fibre
Download speeds Up to 900Mbps Up to 900Mbps
Upload speeds Up to 110Mbps Up to 100Mbps
Download Speed (Low) 36Mbps 36Mbps
Download Speed (High) 900Mbps 900Mbps
Network Openreach Openreach

BT vs. Plusnet Price Comparison

BT and Plusnet actively compete in pricing, striving to attract and retain customers. This rivalry often leads to promotional offers and deals, making the choice between them less about cost differences and more about services and features that suit individual needs. The competition between these two broadband providers keeps the market lively and offers consumers the opportunity to benefit from both cost-effective and customisesd plans.

What’s the Best Package I Can Get on a Budget?

It’s easy to look at BT’s and Plusnet’s pricing in bands or categories. For those looking at options under £28 per month, Plusnet offers budget-friendly packages without compromising on speed. In the mid-range budget options, BT has competitive prices with slightly higher speeds, especially in the £31-£35 and £36-£50 categories. Special promotions and additional services like gaming packages or TV entertainment options can add value to these packages so look out for those when you’re comparing the two brands.

If you’re aiming to choose broadband, consider both your budget and speed requirements and be mindful of additional terms and availability in your area to find the best fit for your home.

BudgetBT  (24 Month Contract)Plusnet (24 Month Contract)
Under £28 per monthBT Fibre Essential £27.99🏆 Full Fibre 74 (74 Mb⬇ 20 Mb⬆, £26.99 per month)
£28 – £30 per monthBT Full Fibre 100 £29.99🏆  Full Fibre 145 (145 Mb⬇30 Mb ⬆ £26.99 per month)
£31 – £35 per month🏆 BT Fibre Fibre 500 £32.99Full  Fibre 300 (300 Mb ⬇50 Mb⬆ £32.99 per month)
£36 – £50 per month🏆 BT Fibre 900 £40.99Full Fibre 900 (900 Mb⬇ 115 Mb ⬆ £49.99 per month)

To sum it up: for budget-conscious consumers, Plusnet’s lower-tier offers are slightly more appealing (although BT is starting to become more comparable in pricing). If you need a really fast connection of 500-900 Mbps, BT is the clear winner.

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