What are the Cheapest Broadband Deals?

Pinpointing the cheapest broadband deals, or cost-effect broadband packages on offer, can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. The UK offers an array of broadband providers with ever-changing deals. Depending on where you’re located, the time of year, and the duration for which you’re committing, prices can vary dramatically. It’s essential to stay updated, shop around, and compare to ensure you’re securing the best value for your hard-earned money. In this article, we help you navigate the intricate landscape of UK broadband offers, breaking down some key considerations to keep in mind when searching for cheapest and most reliable broadband connection without breaking the bank!

How Often Does BT Update It's Pricing?

BT regularly updates its pricing. In fact, prices tend to be revised each week and typically on a Thursday. To give an idea of how much it varies, here’s a graph of some of the variations in the last 3 months. A noticeable trend is a drop in the pricing the highest-tier packages (BT Full Fibre 500 and 900). 

How Has BT Full Fibre Prices Changed in the Last Few Months?

In the last few months, BT’s broadband fibre packages have shown both variation and consistency in their pricing, making it essential for potential buyers to closely examine the deals on offer, not just at the time of purchasing but over time. Broadband providers aren’t fully transparent on historic pricing, and most comparison sites only show you current pricing and deals. We therefore feel it necessary to fill this gap in information and offer you this unique insight to help keep you informed and save you money.

With Full Fibre 900 there was a notable reduction in price from £52.99 in June to a discounted £40.99 in July. The full fibre 900 deal then marginally increased to £42.99 by late-August / mid-September. And while this might seem like a major flucutation from the UK’s largest supplier of broadband, they are not the only   

For the Full Fibre 500, the price remained relatively steady at £32.99 throughout the last three months and dropping from £37.99 in June. In contrast, Full Fibre 100 has been the most consistent priced at £29.99 since June where it dropped just £2 from £31.99.

There were also some fluctuations in the Full Fibre Essential package, with an initial reduction from £31.99 to £27.99 in early August. However, by the end of August, it was back to its original price of £31.99. The Full Fibre 1 saw a price increase from £30.99 at the end of August to £32.99 by mid-September, while the Full Fibre 2 package showcased a price drop from its original £35.99 in early August to a promotional £29.99. By mid-September, it reverted to its initial price.

Buyers Tips for Saving on BT Broadband

Stay Updated: Prices can fluctuate even within a short span of a month. We’ve noted that BT is a provider that regularly updates its pricing, so checking frequently for new deals or discounts can help you save significantly.

Consider the Long-Term: While upfront reductions might seem attractive, consider the long-term costs. For instance, some packages might have a lower initial cost but higher monthly fees over the 24-month contract.

Look Beyond the Price: While cost is a significant factor, it’s essential to also consider the added benefits. If you’re a gamer, for instance, the inclusion of Xbox Game Pass, Stay Fast Guarantee and any other promotional offers really add value.

Factor in Additional Costs: Note the P&P and any upfront fees. Some deals might seem cheaper at first but have additional costs you might not have intially considered.

Contract Duration: As standard BT deals have a 24-month contract (there is a also much more expensive 12 Month contract). If you’re not sure about your long-term plans, it might be wise to look for deals with shorter contract durations, even if they come at a slightly higher monthly fee.

Price Changes June - September 2023

BT Full Fibre Broadband + Phone Pricing

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