BT Full Fibre Price

To get an accurate BT full fibre price for one of its packages (BT Full fibre 1, 2, 100, 500 or 900)  you need to look beyond the monthly cost quoted on their site and consider the full contract, including customisations and add-ons, upfront costs (one-off costs) as well as the postage and packaging. We’ve added all of these figures to create a BT Full Fibre Cost Calculator which should give you a reasonably accurate estimate of how much your full fibre package will cost. Pricing shouldn’t be complicated so we’ve tried to make it really simple. Bear in mind that BT is one of many providers that changes their prices every year by 14.4% (so factor that in).

BT Broadband Price Calculator
BT Full Fibre Cost Calculator

BT Full Fibre Cost Calculator

Select a package from the dropdown, choose your customisations, and then review your total costs. The calculator will update automatically as you make selections.

Step 1: Select a package

Choose a BT Full Fibre package from the dropdown list below.

Step 2: Customise Your BT Full Fibre Package

Select any additional services or features to customise your BT Full Fibre package.

Step 3: Review Total Cost Calculations

See a breakdown of your total costs based on your package and customisations.

Upfront Costs: £0
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1st Year: £0
2 Year Contract: £0

How Costs are Calculated:

To understand the total costs, start by selecting a package. Once chosen, you can further tailor your selection with customisations. Each addition or change updates the cost breakdown. This calculator is designed to provide clarity and transparency, so you can make the best choice for your needs.

How Often Does BT Update It's Pricing?

BT regularly updates its pricing. In fact, prices tend to be revised each week. To give an idea of how much it varies, here’s a graph of some of the variations in the last 3 months. A noticeable trend is a drop in the pricing the highest-tier packages (BT Full Fibre 500 and 900).

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